Monday, August 30, 2010

Ho Hum

We are chugging right along in homeschool, albeit it's a slow, jerky kind of chug.  2 of the new books I ordered already got here, the rest are due today.  This, I think, will make our days a bit more organized.  I researched the books we would need from the library and hit that today.  Check!  Bought more milk for my sweet boy who now adores milk.  Check!  New tire and inner tube for Jack's bike (which as he will kindly inform you or anyone else in a mile vicinity that he's not been able to ride for OVER 8 WEEKS - the horror.)Check!  I felt downright productive this morning.  And then we came home.  And all steam that I thought I had ran clear out of me.  If you find it let me know, cause I'm gonna need it.  After some soup for lunch I found myself lying down for not one, but two naps.  Ok so I really didn't nap, but it was awfully nice to have to lie down with Ryan first and then Will later:)  I may, or may not, have kindof sortof dozed during the latter of the two naps.  But only for a minute. I swear.  So, we regrouped.  Circled the wagons.  Whatever other turns of phrases you might care to insert here...I got my crap together and we met back up at the table.  I with my Diet Dr. Pepper, they with their water, cause no Jack, life is not fair and yes caffeine will stunt your growth (wink, wink nudge, nudge if you see my kid and he asks just agree with his parents on this one, pretty please.)  We got through LA, Math, History and a lively discussion on why the Spaniards might knowingly lie about finding cities of gold. Any help with that last one would be greatly appreciated. 
Ok, off to drop Jack off at golf, swing by Wal-Mart, pick Jack back up and eat some dinner.  I know I'm tired - how 'bout y'all?

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Momma C said...

I feel your pain, girl!