Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catch Up

We are into our 3rd week of homeschool and yet again change is in the air.  This is sadly a post w/o pics, as I am writing on the fly, headed out to celebrate my sweet friend Kimberly's bday!  Yeah for a girls night, but boo for not time left in the day to do this:(  Oh well.  So here's the low down:  I bit the bullet and ordered some books that we really needed to proceed with school. I felt a huge weight lifted once I placed those orders, really knowing that we are doing this.  We went with MCP math for both, Truthquest History for both, and then I picked up Learning Language Arts through Literature for EK (I had bought one used for Jack a while back,) and then also got some various books for nature study and science.  I'm really amped because this will simplify alot of things for me and hopefully make school a bit smoother for all involved!
Ryan is still scooting around and is starting to try and pull up on things.  He is finally drinking his milk so we're completely off formula now!  And thank goodness for that - saves us about 20 bucks every week and a half!
He's really doing great eating "real" food - loves pasta, mac-n-cheese, peas, and mango:)  I still get tickled when he and Will are in the bath together - I think he might outgrow his big brother sooner rather than later! 
Will is still a handful, but our consistency seems to be paying off.  He can be quite a pill with his siblings, pinching and hitting when things don't go his way, but he seems to just be so dang frustrated that they won't HEAR him.  We'll just keep on fighting the good fight:)
Ella-Kathryn and Jack got to go to Silver Dollar City with their friends and they had a blast! It was such a nice treat for them.  Of course it wouldn't be a day if one of the kids didn't make me blush.  Apparently, when they were all in the Marvel cave, EK told her friend that it was "cold as hell" in there!  All of the kids just stood there, not sure what to do or say, until the friend of the older brother asked Kimberly what they should do about that?  She asked do about what, to which the big bro told her what EK had said.  Thank goodness my sweet friend can take this kind of think in stride and merely turned to EK and told her that we probably shouldn't say things like that!  Of course, EK quickly turned and placed the blame on her big brother saying that Jack had taught her that!  Oh dear :) 
So, there you have it - another exciting update on our crew!  I've got more pics to post, so hopefully I'll find some time tomorrow to get that taken care of. 

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Karen said...

cold as hell...ahahahahahaha....ahahahhah...that's about as good as when Will said dammit to the vacuum cord....ahahahah! love them!