Thursday, September 6, 2012


I have decided that if this is to be a place to document our childrens' lives, then it must be done on a far more frequent basis:)  So, here goes.  The launch of a new blogging philosophy.  I intend to post every day - even it is only a few quick sentences.  Mark the day so to speak.
Since my last post we have celebrated my birthday as well as Ryan's, Jeff's Kathy's, Ella-Kathryn's, and sent cards to Poppy for his bday.  Yet none of this is here:(  So here we go...
Ryan celebrated his 3rd birthday!  He is such a funny boy, and loves to be funny.  He makes great silly faces and is really getting into story telling, aka making stuff up:)  We will have to really watch this part of his personality - don't want a compulsive liar on our hands!  He loves music - singing, dancing, seems to just be a musical kid.  Still is not great about going to sleep and/or staying in his bed at night, but really we've not done much to discourage his nightly visits to our room, so I can't complain.  can't wait to see what this next year has for him!
                                                        Headlamp-gift from the Woelkes
Camo backpack - from Poppy.

Ella-Kathryn celebrated the big 8!  We did parties with family and then with a few girlfriend - so fun!  She is blessed with some dear girls who love to be silly and have fun with her.  She continues to be our encourager and helper.  She enjoys reading and does well in "school" and as much as she loves her dolls and dollhouse, she also gets a thrill from hauling heiny around the yard on our little dirtbike!  Oh that girl!
Jeff's back injury from late June, finally healed enough for him to return to light duty in early Aug and then regular duty a few weeks later.  He did step down from his Sgt. position too, in an effort to care for his health better and hopefully make a dent in the issues he's been having with cholesterol and blood pressure!  He is on the 3-1 shift now and while it's been an adjustment not being in charge, he is getting a full nights sleep now!  We weren't able to go to FL this summer b/c of his back - didn't think we should leave him here alone unable to walk:)  We are hoping Poppy can visit in the fall!  The Woelkes came for Labor day and while it was super hot, we did have a great time hanging with the cousins.  Karen and I did some shopping sans kids on Sat and then we hit the pool on Sun.
Ok, so for some administrative stuff for my benefit:
Current curriculum -  A World of Adventure - unit based curriculum, using for J and EK; MCP math; A Reason for Handwriting
Will - MCP math and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
So far so good - some days are super easy and others are really challenging!  Jack and i still "battle" on a regular basis:(  I am often left wondering if this is really what God wants for us:)  Jeff assures me that it is.  I know it is too, it's just that when it's hard, you just want to throw in the towel and farm them off to someone else.  Refining experience this is...
I am beginning the study for the book Unlgued, by Lysa Terkeust.  It deals with anger and how what we do with the anger in our lives.
Fun reading:  finally got around to Jeffrey Eugenides - reading Middlesex; read The Marriage Plot (good, great literary ref, not just the title, and overall good read)
Also reading Grace Based Parenting, Kimmel; Stepping Heavenward, Prentiss;

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