Friday, September 7, 2012


With Monday "missing" from this week, I found myself scrambling to finish strong, as I kept thinking I had another day to come:)  Oh well.  I headed back to the eye doc to check my new lenses - alls fine so they sent me home with a new supply of contacts.  Much needed after a long summer of wearing them to/in the pool.  apparently a major eye no-no.   Again, oh well.  I mean they told me to wear goggles. Um, no thanks.  I'll take my chances against those super scary eye diseases you have exploded to the 100th power on the wall chart over there.  I'm a rebel like that.  And super vain. 
So, we end the week miraculously on schedule with school and eating dinner through a doozy of a storm which Jeff said had 70 mph winds.  We were all good here - a flicker of the lights right before we sat down to eat, but the kids ran and got their various headlamps/lanters/flashlights, so  we were well prepared for the non-weather that followed.  Good lesson in better safe than sorry, I suppose.  The kids are watching their Friday night movie, one from the late 80's(The Explorers with a very young River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke)  that I don't remember ever seeing.  How that's possible I also don't know:)  Jack just poked his head in and said, "this movie's awesome!"  I'll take him at his word. 
Been thinking about this trip lately...
wishing we could go back for another week or so, sans kids:)  It was such a great time together just the two of us alone no little people - well you get the picture:)
But also knowing I would miss these crazies...and for the record I still pee my pants every time I see the one with Ella-Kathryn - not her but Jeff in the background.  I have no idea what he was doing, but that expression is PRICELESS!!! 

So that's it for the week:)

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