Saturday, September 15, 2012

Will's 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Will!!!!
Your BIRTH day:) 
First Birthday!


You are such a dear boy!  We thought you would be our last baby...and then you became a big brother!  Most days you do a terrific job in that role:)  Some, of course, you would rather that you had been the last Simpson born!  It is so sweet though, on those days, and in those moments when you lovingly take Ryan under your wing and teach him how to do something, or share an adventure.  You still have that Jekyll and Hyde thing going on too:)   One minute you're an angel and the out!  Mean boy on the rampage!!  Thankfully, you are getting much better about getting control over your emotions and you are usually so quick to demonstrate a contrite heart.  You love to be read to and of course are following your dad and brother's footsteps in the love of the outdoors and hunting.  You were anxious to begin school with Jack and Ella-Kathryn, so you began a kindergarten math curriculum as well as a reading program. You are so much better about being dropped off at church etc, and for the most part like to try new things.  Your two "friends" are Will Bankston and Annabella Tyburski.  You are playing soccer for the first time and at your first game scored three goals!  It was so much fun to watch you play even when you stole the ball from your own team-mate to score! 
Ella-Kathryn says "he's the second funniest kid in my family" (she puts Ryan in first place:))
Jack - He is a nice, kind person and sometimes tries to hurt me:)
Ryan - Will plays with me (this was a coaxed answer which came after he said that he liked Will's haircut, his spider man t-shirt, and that he was a fish:))
We love you Will!  Happy 5th birthday! 


Aunt LaLa said...

What a special boy!

Aunt LaLa said...

He is so dear!! And getting so grown up looking! I LOVE your blog!