Wednesday, September 12, 2012


 First day back to school after a LONG summer break.  We began back in June - did a unit and then ended up having one thing pop up after another.  So we just said we'll wait...and wait... and then finally September rolled around and we really needed to get back to school!  We are studying the Middle Ages and enjoying learning about knights and castles:)

This goof ball had a blast at the lake on Sunday.  The family who opened up their home for all of us, also had a great dock and the kids could step off and right into the lake.  It was the perfect depth there for them to walk around and splash a bit. 

Jack has enjoyed playing with airsoft guns for a while now and of course the little guys had to get in on the action.  Will bought his first gun with some mad money he got from his Pappa (Jeff's dad).  Here he is ready for action:)  I will say that on this day they had been driving me bananas wanting to actually shoot one another and finally I caved - 1 minute after this pic was snapped Will came running up to the same door screaming that Jack had shot him in the arm!  There was a decent welt there for days:(  But he hasn't asked me to shoot at each other again! 

 Ryan does NOT have an airsoft gun, but likes to hang with the big boys.  He mashed his face up to the front door and yelled, "mommy!  Take a picture of me!  I'm cute!"
and before I forget - Will and Ryan and I were headed to a friend's house to pick up the big kids.  It has been a really hot and humid summer here and Will was telling Ry that it was so hot out still, at 6:00pm, and that the reason it felt so hot was because it was also so "human" - or humid as the rest of us like to say:)

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Aunt LaLa said...

How I love these little ones! You have done such a great job of raising wonderful children!!