Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Vacation...

Monday our friends T and M came for the day.  It was one of those awful summer days where it's sunny for 30 minutes and then storming for 30 minutes.  A rather schizophrenic day!  So, the kids did their best to stay busy.  T and Jack whittled some sticks into very sharp spear things.  I know.  What mom in her right mind allows boys to make weapons, let alone play with them.  Alas, this is what the boys are into right now and they have demonstrated the ability to use the pocket knives safely. So there you have it. 
Will made his own fun by eating his candy in the laundry basket:)  Our sweet neighbor J is an avid golfer and often comes home with goodie bags filled with treats and fun things like crayons.  Having no grands of her own, she has kindly adopted ours and always share these sweet and treats with them!

Ok, this I had to share.  Ryan is usually the most pleasant, contented baby. But, and this is a big but, when he's mad, he's really mad!  He screams and clenches his fists or squeezes his hands together so tightly I think he'll hurt himself.  These are 2 pics of him in hissy fit because no one would get him out of the highchair:)

On Wedensdays Jeff comes home and then naps for a few hours before getting up in an effort to start a "normal" schedule til Sat. night when he goes back on shift.  It's really a tough gig, and we try to help him as best we can, but when you miss your daddy, you just plum need to be around him.  Poor Jeff was trying to get to bed and the kids just gravitated to the bedroom to be with him.  He had put in a movie and as you can see by the "we've become pod people" look in their eyes, they had gotten sucked in too.  Except of course where you can see the 2 bigguns noticed that I had a camera and made sure they had on their picture faces:)
P.S. - I told Jeff I woul crop these so that you couldn't tell he was in his "drawers," but when I did it made it look like he was neked. So sorry if these offend anyone, but it looked way worse the other way!
P.S.S. Note Ryan snoozing away - sweet boy was so tired that morning, finally fell asleep while everyone was in there horsing around, and slept on for another hour after this was taken!

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