Friday, June 11, 2010

Big brother

Tuesday was the last day of school for Jack and Ella-Kathryn.  As per tradition I picked them up in my decorated-for-summer car:  I write welcome to summer vacation on the sides and then on the back , "so long school!"  This year, of course, it means so much more to our family.  Our decision to homeschool brings some bittersweet thoughts too.  Will this be our last, last-day-of-school pickup?  Will I be nostalgic for those back-to-school-days of fall?  More importantly though, am I really going to do this homeschool thing???  We still feel led to do this, but I'm not gonna lie, there are days when I wonder if I am truly capable of this calling.  Much like motherhood, it seems as if there will be days that will be too overwhelming to handle.  I know in my heart that these will be days of utter reliance on Him, but could someone please tell that to my head?  I will be attending a used homeschool book sale next Sat. and whatever I can't find there I will be purchasing the following week.  Anxieties about choosing the "right" math program are plaguing me right now, but again, I am trying to give it over to Him. 
Wed was our first official day of summer vacation so we didn't do a dang thing!  My sweet girlfriends and I got together for one last hoorah, all of the kids included this time, and we were able to visit and gab for hours, minus all of the time we had to referee, fix boo-boos, and refill water and donuts!  K and A have become such good friends and I so enjoy their company.  K's daughter C stayed on for some playtime with Ella-Kathryn and when I dropped her off in the afternoon, K blessed us with a meal!  It was much appreciated too, since I had been so busy visiting with those ladies I never got around to making a dinner plan! 
Thurs. we hung out around the house and Jeff took Jack and Will out and about getting preparations for their fishing trip.  I mowed while Ryan took his morning nap and EK listened for him on the monitor - so nice having such big helpers!  Then after he woke up, he sat with me outside while I weeded.  Except for trying to eat a wood chip, he just enjoyed being outdoors.  Such a sweet boy!  So Ryan and I are on our own this morning as Jeff has the three bigguns on a fishing expedition.  They're hoping to catch some Trout and Walleye (sp?) and I'm just praying they stay safe!  I tend to get a bit worried when he takes them out by the water.  I know how hard it is to keep track of 3 just around the house, so being out somewhere different tends to bring on all kinds of unnecessary anxiety!  Just hope they catch something, but I know the time with their Dad is just as meaningful.
I did manage to snap these pics Wed afternoon. It was about 3:30 and Ryan hadn't had his afternoon nap yet.  Jack asked to hold him and I was happy to oblige so that I could gather up everything/one to get C home.  The next thing I know, I look over and Ryan had fallen asleep on Jack!  It was truly one of the most precious things I've ever seen. 
He is such a good big brother and really I feel blessed that for the most part these siblings like each other.  I just hope they continue to care for one another and only grow closer as they get older.
Ella-Kathryn really wanted to take a picture of Ryan yesterday.  I obliged and this was the pic she got - totally captures his little spirit!  Arms outstretched with excitement, and although you can't see them, I can tell you the legs are just as taut and the toes are splayed as if the joy was riding a current from him belly straight out of each toe!

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