Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh My!

Good gravy!  Is it seriously almost July?  Whether it's a visit to the pool, homeschool and playing at home, or just a brief playdate, we have been busy and June is zipping by.  Our homeschool time is an abbreviated version of what we'll do when we return from vacation, but it's been interesting to see how this might work.  Or not work!  I am already noticing things that I'll have to tweak - Jack's math time takes my complete attention.  He never did master time telling in that he can look at the clock and tell what time it is, but asking him to rephrase it to explain in relation to the previous hour or coming hour is really difficult for him still.  He gets easily frustrated and I am practicing every breathing technique I know to not show my own frustration!  It's hard when some bit of understanding or knowledge has become so ingrained that you cannot imagine not knowing it!  He also needs to gain some speed in his math facts so that multiplication won't do him in!
Ella-Kathryn is sailing right along but that doesn't mean that she doesn't need me too.  I am trying to figure out how to juggle their lessons so that I can be present for each of them.  Initially I counted on doing the same subject for each at the same time; however, I am beginning to rethink this in terms of needing one to be "busy" while I instruct the other.  I also have been searching for a different History book because a phone call from a friend who will also be homeschooling for the first time prompted me to look more closely at the text I had originally selected.  It's flawed and confusing - not good for me or the kids!  I can still use it as a backup, but I need a "spine" text - that is the primary one.  Jeff's slated to read a sample of one that I found last night, and let me tell you how excited he is about that!  The man's only caveat to our opting to homeschool was that he wouldn't be asked to "teach" them anything other than PE and shop:) 
The bigguns started VBS this week and have enjoyed it so far.  Jack had to miss last night because he was running a fever and when Ella-Kathryn got home she too was hot and didn't feel well.  I'm sure they got it from Will who was sick on Sunday. Of course I didn't figure that out until after he had been at church for 2 services!  I stepped back into my old volunteer position to help out for the day so the kids had to stay in their classes longer than they have in almost a year.  Can't believe it's already been that long!  I just shake my head in amazement that Ryan will be 1 in only a couple of months!  Anyway, Jack and EK are both better this morning, so I'm hopeful it was truly a 24 thing. That's how Will's seemed to be and I didn't feel great Tues, but was better by Wed.  It's like Roulette - round and round she goes, who will get sick, nobody knows:)

Ryan's first trip to the pool!  He loved the water and was so cute in the big pool with me.  He stuck his booty up and "kicked" his legs like he was swimming the Butterfly.  Uncle C. would be so proud!

The VBS theme this year is Saddle Up and this was her first project a horse hat.  Last night she came home with a stick horse - can't wait to see what tonight brings!
OK, so I think that brings us up to speed around here!

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