Monday, May 31, 2010

Safari, Cooking Help, and Memorial Day

Ella-Kathryn's field trip to the Gentry Safari was cancelled 2 weeks ago due to rain.  Not sure how the public school system missed that one - I mean anyone could have looked at the radar and noticed the HUGE band of thunderstorms that were headed straight for us!  But they didn't, and the poor kids had to load up in the buses and made it half way to the safari before they called it off.  I, unfortunately, made it all the way out there, sat in the parking lot for 20 minutes, and then got the call that it was cancelled:(  Oh well, we loaded up and tried again that following Monday and it was a beautiful, albeit sweltering, day.  I met her out at the safari and then rode on the bus with her through the actual animal part.  She was so sweet - happy to see me and she and her friend Camille shared their seat with me. 
The kids were a hoot.  At one point, we had passed the bison, which one kiddo yelled out "look at the big cows with earrings!" because they had those ear tags on.  Then we saw some "bambies" and some monkeys.  Then there was a lull in the action at which point some sweet kid hollered, "TURTLE" and every little face leaned over to that side to check out the turtle! 
Ella-Kathryn and her friend Camille.

On Saturday these two clowns helped me make dessert for our yummy grilled steak dinner.  We mixed up some chocolate pudding then folded in some homemade whipped cream to make faux chocolate mousse.  Very sophisticated we are!  I think Will's face is the give away as to his favorite part of helping mommy cook!

Memorial Day 2010
Jeff brought home donuts for the kiddos - I did eat one, but immediately felt sick afterwards.  That's progress right???  To atone for my sins, I suggested we jog the trail and the kids could ride their bikes.  Here's Will and  Ella-Kathryn talking to the ducks and geese after the walk.  Note Will holding up his drawers - his underpants are too big even though they're 2T-3T.  Poor kid is just so stinkin' skinny and I couldn't find anything smaller.  He's doing great with the potty, and made his first #2 in  the potty last night.  Although today he's been very reluctant to try it again.  We shall see...
Nice face Jeff!  Look at how tall Jack is!  Oh my, that boy is growing up sooooo fast.

Love this face!  We got called out of church yesterday b/c he was running a low fever and had some green snot:(  I gave him ibuprofen and tylenol yesterday and last night, but he did great last night and slept pretty well.  He seems fine today, so I'm hoping it was a fluke.  I didn't feel all that great yesterday either, so maybe we were just sharing some cooties.  He's finally getting a bottom tooth.  I'll try to get a pic when it's through a bit more.  Still no crawling or pulling up.  Trying not to fret over that since he's tracking everything else just fine.  He says "dada" and babbles a lot, and he's still such a pleasant boy.  Couldn't be more grateful to God for this gift!
This is what jogging, not even running, a mile and half does to my face!  Ha!  Truth be told, I always get beet red when I exercise.  I remember taking different step classes and the instructors would always come over to make sure I was ok!  Look at how big his head is compared to mine!!!  And those creases on his wrists!  And those cheeks!  Can you tell I'm smitten????
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!  We are so thankful for all who served in our armed forces - we honor those who died for our freedom and pray for those who are currently serving our great nation!

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