Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night Special

Like most families, Saturdays are filled with family time of some sort.  Today however, Jeff had a motorcycle detail at 10 which meant he had to be out of the house by 9.  I got to sleep in til a gloriously wonderful 7:45 - at which time I chose to get up, or else end up tossing and turning til 2 or 3 because yes, my body hates me that much and just that one hour difference in waking up time will cause me to pay on the back end, not falling asleep til probably 11 or so.  Anyway, by the time I got up, he had to go ahead and get ready and since he thought he'd be gone til after lunch I knew I'd be on my own this morning.  So far this year we've had rain on our Saturdays, making the Farmer's Market a no-go. Today, while it seemed possible that we'd get rained on, the kids and I took our chances and went down to  the bvill square hoping for some fresh veggies.  We were not disappointed!  We snagged a small container of strawberries, which we later discovered are the best we've ever had.  Ever!  We also got some snow peas which I gobbled all day.  There were beautiful lettuces and baby carrots, sweet potatoes that were brought up from the cellars, radishes, onions, and herbs.  I had already bought some other veggies at the store so I only got the peas, but it's great to know that we already have so much to choose from. 
Our garden has yet to be put in, but it's in the works for this week.  I know we'll have to start from plants this time, but since we're keeping it small, I think we'll be ok.
Jeff headed to bed earlier than usual tonight, I think around 4ish.  He's had to be in uniform every day of his "weekend" either for court, the church, or today's detail, so he was just tired.  Plus he finished putting the plywood in the attic - a nice thing for me so I don't attempt any more stunts and/or ceiling redecorating as I did last year! 
So, since daddy was in bed, our dinner consisted of popcorn, Nutella and Fruit wraps, apple slices, and cheese and crackers!  Mommy of the year right here people:)  Seriously though, this is my favorite way to eat:snack-style.  We grazed the treats from 5-8, read the bible together and then prayed together.  Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night! 
We did manage to do a little dancing though.  Sat. nights on NPR there's a bluegrass show that always provides us with the best dance music and often some funny lyrics to talk over.  I will say that tonight was the first night I caught a cuss word, and unfortunately Jack heard it too.  Thankfully, he didn't make a big deal of it and didn't say anything about it, so the others were none the wiser. 
So, here's some randomness from our night.
Spin your partner round and round!

You never know what you'll find in my kitchen sink!  After many baths involving screams which caused my ears to bleed, I finally got smart and tried the sink. Still screamed.  Then tonight, it dawned on me to put his bath mat in the sink so it wouldn't feel so cold.  Much improved:)  No screaming and he actually splashed and played a bit.  Karen, note the pirate eye;)

Homeboy Will kickin it in his Old Navy jammies, brother's tball hat, and freebie National Geographic Kids inflatable globe being used as a soccer ball.  Just wait, all the gangsta's in east LA will be throwin' away their piece in favor of the globe.
Ah, precious electronic devices which cause my dear children to disperse into the far corners of my home and become completely oblivious to all activity around them.  How do I love thee?  Well, I don't mind them a bit actually.  There's a time and a place for sure, and we have time limits, no school days etc but quite frankly they enjoy them and so we've allowed them in our home.  Here they are catching a few minutes while I got their snack ready.  Note Ella-Kathryn's tongue:) 

Hope your Saturday was a wacky as ours!


Karen said...

Oh my...Ryan has our lazy eye! I LOVE that he takes up the whole sink! Oh I miss those sweet kiddos...can't wait to have you all here!!!

Momma C said...

Love the mat idea in the bottom of the sink. Though if the weather would ever decide to actually be May, maybe the sink wouldn't be so cold!

Erin said...

I was so excited to see your comment b/c I haven't gotten to read your blog since it was the simpson 5!!! I somehow never changed it!
And, I love seeing those pics of your precious kiddos! :) They are adorable (love the swagger wagon, too! Brian and I were cracking up at that the other day!!!!)
Love to everyone!
And...I remember those pjs Will had on!!!

Erin said...

I can't get to your other blog post b/c there is a "swag bucks" thing covering it that I can't get off! Anyway, I wanted to let you know what a "wordle" is this cool thing on a website that you plug words into, and it spits out a cool design of all of the words combined...different sizes and angles, etc. Let me know if you want to know more! The more times you put in a word, the more big and bold it will be.
Much love!