Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rules For Campfire Fun

I don't know about your family, but round here, when we do up a campfire, we take our pants off.  Well, only some of us do.  Apparently, he had spilled something on his shorts, and of course, the logical conclusion is: when you get something on your clothes, said item must immediately be removed.  Got it?  I guess we need to rig up some sort of yard ordinance prohibiting anyone over the age of 3 from following his example.  Of course the Sarge could just haul you in if you break the law.  Then again, the Sarge has been know to walk around in his skivvies too, so I we're really not setting a good example.  Again, I point out a basic difference between men and women.  Ladies, when was the last time you did the dishes in your undergarments?  Um, never?  Of course I also don't rub my belly nor stick my hand down my pants, so there you go.
Back to the campfire: when placed on a blanket with toys, one is to totally ignore the toys in favor of gathering the blanket up until you can reach the nasty tag sewn into the corner of the fabric, which provides endless minutes of chewing enjoyment. This was after Will had to move his plate for the 56th time out of the reach of this little man's hands.  Who knew 9 month olds could appreciate nitrite free turkey dogs?  And yes, to answer your question, he is a handful.
On a final note, it is always advisable and really just plain desirable to have a cheerleader when learning to use the potty.  Look at that smile from big brother.  Don't you want to use the potty too?  Will's look of sheer determination, or perhaps complete boredom, but whatever.  I don't want any comments either about why we don't have a training potty.  By glory, we just got around to using toothpicks, we're sure as heck not going to baby them in the bathroom too!  So what if you fall in.  Just saves me a step later by not having to give you a full bath. I can just whip out a diaper wipe and clean off any other exposed parts. 
And this picture blows wide open the myth that only women go to the bathroom in pairs.
Peace out.


Momma C said...

Okay girl... you are totally cracking me up today. Peace out?? You have to back off those heavy drinks. I realize that they help you survive the day but seriously!

Melanie said...

Sadly, no drinking has occurred today...yet:) Actually, I haven't been imbibing at all in an effort to get rid of the baby weight. The sign off was to demonstrate just how PC I can be - I wanted to reach out to my leftist friends. And yes, I am kidding:)

Aunt LaLa said...

Well, look at the bright side- your kids still wear SOME clothes! It can always be worse! Precious Jack, the potty cheerleader! It looks like Will is responding...gooooooo Will!! Too cute!