Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Everything's Better With Toothpicks!

Over the years I had read articles/posts of moms who declared that toothpicks were a sure-fire way to get picky eaters to eat.  Not my children, I thought.  They will eat their food as presented to them with the proper utensils.  Yes, you do correctly note a tone of superiority and downright snootiness. Well, my day of eating at the crow buffet has come.  Will has never been a big eater.  He will eat, but in smaller portions typically, and if a whole meal is set before him, then much coaxing and threatening will ensue.  So, for lunch today I decided I has nothing to lose, excpet perhaps one of his eyes via impalement from said toothpick.  But at this point it was worth it.  I dished up some cubed cheese, apples, and a handful of pretzels.  I know, no veggies, but he did eat all of his salad last night so I was cutting him some slack. Anyway, I made a big show of the fantastically wonderful toothpicks and set the plate down before him.  No kidding, the kid ate every last bite in under 15 min.  A new land speed record around here.  Shockingly, the pretzels were last, perhaps because they did not necessitate a pick? 

Here's the satisfied customer showing off his amazingly cool 'picks.

This little man finds that one's toes are far more appetizing than cheese or apples could ever be!
He just recently started this feat of acrobatics - at least it's a gold-medal earning feat around here where I'm considered the most "bendy" person and I can barely touch my toes!  It is so cute to watch him do this, although I find myself wondering when his last bath was.  He's not walking yet so how dirty can those feet really be, right?
Tomorrow he has his 9 month checkup so I'll update more then, but I am simply blown away that this little man is already so big.  I wish he could get better though - still fighting the runny nose, congestion etc.  Poor guy, it must be miserable to not be able to blow your nose:( 

I just started reading Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity and so far it's been an easy read, but I have stopped on a couple of different points so far.  Namely, how common insecurity of some sort is to most women, and how irritating this is!!!  I for one am done with this, and as she aptly pointed out, for me, it is a place of self-centeredness when I am so concerned/worried about how I look/feel in a situation.  I find myself constantly sizing up other women - comparing, judging, you name it.  I so want to shed this ugliness, un-Christlike attitude!  My friend H read and reviewed this on her blog, so you can check that out too.  I'll keep you updated on my own journey too. 

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Karen said...

Man, we definitely do toothpicks with cut up hotdogs, grapes, etc....and of course my kiddos think it is super fun to eat with baby utensils??? Whatever works, right? Ha! Those pics are PREC...miss them! Oh, and wishing I could say so long to my insecurities...keep sharing all that wisdom, kay? Love you!