Thursday, April 29, 2010

A rocky start

Oh boy.  This morning got off to a rocky start.  Ryan had his worst night last night.  He was up at 12 and was inconsolable.  I finally got a burp our of him and then rocked him and he fell asleep.  Then he was up at 4 - another bottle only half drunk, but at least he fell asleep quickly.  Of course Will woke at 5 - not sure why, but luckily he heeded my warning, and didn't make any more noise:)  Mommy was already growling:)
I have been setting my alarm to go off 15 min. earlier than usual.  Trying to squeeze in some quiet time and get the morning started right.  Unfortunately, not one morning this week has it worked out.  Either the other kids were already awake, or as in this morning b/c I was so tired, I hit snooze.  Chewie decided that he HAD to go out though so I got up and attempted to let him out.  He must have been waiting longer than I thought because by the time I went to put him on the run, he couldn't hold it in and proceeded to pee!  And because he knew I was mad he ran away from me, leaving a trail of pee!!!!  UGH!! I was so NOT a nice person to that poor dog.  I even threw a book in his direction trying to make him stop running away from me.  Um, yeah mel, that would make a poor little dog stop running away from you -a book hurled in his direction!  I finally managed to corner him and literally threw him out the door.  To boot, Jack and Will witnessed the whole thing!  So, after asking the Lord's forgiveness, I asked for the kids' too.  Oh my.  All this on the heels of the ugliness that has settled in the house - please Lord let this be the day this cloud is lifted and Satan is shown the door!

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