Sunday, April 11, 2010

First meeting with Gran and Ryan!  He took to her so well - I was worried because he's just recently started to cry when he realizes someone other than me is holding him:)  This picture is funny though, his expression is like, yeah ok, I'm not thrilled but I'll sit here. Aunt LaLa was adored by all, but I only took this one picture with the digital!  When I get the hard copies in, I'll scan them in too.
We had a great visit with them, too short, but wonderful.  The weather held out for us, so we were able to take some walks and spend time outside.  The kids went to a movie and bowled, but mainly we just hung out, spending time with our sweet family.  We miss them terrible already!  Counting down the months til our beach rendezvous!
Ella-Kathryn has been talking about a loose tooth for months now, but I really didn't believe that it was ready to come out. Then this morning I looked over at her and her teeth looked funny. I asked her to show me her mouth and sure enough, the lower left tooth was super loose.  We went on to church and then after headed to the fancy new Neighborhood Wal-Mart over by the super fancy houses at Pinnacle Hills.  The dang thing looks like some Italian villa - wish I were kidding. They have a little café area, so we grabbed a couple of muffins - i was trying to tide them over til we could get home for lunch. Anyway, we're sitting there and again I look at Ella-Kathryn and notice her mouth looks funny.  I ask her to show me her teeth, and this time the tooth was gone!  She had swallowed it while eating her muffin!!!!   Poor girl. She was a bit shocked, but not upset, thank goodness.  I asked her if she had noticed anything weird or different when she was eating and she told me, "I thought I was eating something hard, but that it was part of my muffin!"  Good grief:)  Jack was worried the Tooth Fairy wouldn't come, so he said he'd give her 25 cents.  Sweet boy.  Not to be outdone, Will said to Jack, "yeah, me too, give her some cents for me"  Our Tom Sawyer in the making - why give up your own money, when you can get someone else to give up theirs?  Here's the new EK.

As I was tucking her in tonight, she said, "look at me, don't I look cute?"  Yes my sweet girl, you do!


Momma C said...

Does the tooth fairy leave the money in the bathroom when this happens???

Aunt LaLa said...

So she was telling the TRUTH! I just thought she was jealous that Jack lost some teeth! I miss you all! Had a wonderful time and though it is a long drive, it is worth it. Looking forward to the beach. Love you guys!