Thursday, April 15, 2010

out of commission

There is a thick yellow film coating everything.  Cars, driveways, deck railings, swings, you name it, it's covered.  And even though we have our windows closed and the a/c is on (which I hate btw since I love fresh air and hate waising $ on running the a/c) because I think this might be the allergy season that does me in.  I feel horrible.  Yesterday I hosted our monthly ladies morning with 2 dear friends from a bible study and their kiddos.  I was fine until we ended up outside to keep an eye on the little ones.  Side note:  kids love to be outside, but whenever you want them to stay outside, they keep coming back in!  So, we were outside with them and then I had the doors open to the house b/c one of my friends keeps a baby who was sleeping inside.  The end result was I inhaled and touched enough pollen to put me out of commission.  My head filled, but sinuses started to throb and by evening I had an upset stomach.  EK, Ryan and I ran errands after school and the whole time I thought I was going to hurl/need to curl up in the fetal position and just go to sleep right there in the store.  I hate this.  I despise feeling ill.  No workout yesterday and as of right now I can't even imagine doing jumping jacks nor sit-ups.  UGH!!!  
Ryan threw up 2 nights ago, but had been fine ever since, so I don't think it's related, but really, who knows.  Jeff's back is out, but the chiropractor is working on him and he feels better each day. Of course, spending all afternoon working in the garage yesterday I'm sure will speed up his recovery.  Right. Stubborn man. I know that's the pot calling the kettle black - have no idea where our precious children get that trait...
Will has his first dentist appt. today. Pray for us.  He's not quite so laid back as Jack and EK. I have an ominous feeling that there will be tears, yelling, and future therapy sessions which reveal that today was the defining moment for Will at which point he lost all trust in his parents. 
Ok, so another wave of naseau just past.  I'm going to change the truck otherwise known as Ryan, and attempt to get dressed.  Hope you all have a great day devoid of pollen, naseau, headaches and wrenched backs:)


Momma C said...

I'm sorry girl! Hang in there!!!

Aunt LaLa said...

So Mel, how did it go with Will? Isn't there something you can take for allergies that won't make you sleepy? I know your mom suffered terribly too, as does A. Shirley! They say the pollen count is terrible this year! Wish I was closer to help out! I miss you all.