Saturday, April 17, 2010

The plague

Ok, so apparently I do not have the serious allergies that I thought  I did.  When all was said and done, we definitely had a virus of some sort working it's way throught the house.  Ryan started it, yes we'll blame the baby, but since his vomiting Tues. night, he's just had a couple of not so pretty diapers. No fever or anything else.  I felt horrible Wed. afternoon and on into Thurs, but by Thurs. night was feeling a bit better.  Again, no fever, just bad naseau, but never did throw up etc.  Thought we were out of the woods until Fri. morning Jeff got bit by the devil himself.  Poor man.  It was ugly here. So I did what any good wife would do. Made sure he was comfortable, as comfortable as one can be in between bouts of violent vomiting, and the I took Will and Ryan and hightailed it out to meet up with H and her kiddos!  Jeff did run fever later that day and really wasn't himself until this afternoon.  I don't think he should go to work, but since he was out Tues b/c of his back and says he feels better, he's going in.  The good news is that the chiropractor is helping his back but I don't think being hunched over hugging the porcelain god did much in the way of assisting his recovery:)
Will's dentist appt went better than expected?  I put a question mark there b/c I think my expectations were pretty low!  Ha!  We had to wait forever just to get into the "exam."  Then he wouldn't lie down for the hygenist.  He did let her brush and floss his teeth, but no water squirter nor sucky wand was to come near him!  It was all good though and they are so understanding of it all.  Because we had to wait a bit for the dentist to come in, we left the examination area and went to another waiting room for a bit. There, Jeff bribed Will with the promise of a cheeseburger for lunch if he would lay down.  It worked!  He still didn't like it very much but he did it:)  So we headed to steak n' shake for lunch! 
We had 2 birthday parties today.  One was just for EK and the other was for our sweet neighbor friend. I am trying to scan pics in from our Easter visit, but right now I've got a fussy baby to put to bed.  Sweet dreams all!

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