Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The lion is lurking in the shadows

Satan is working hard in this house. He smells blood.  The blood of fresh wounds. Wounds caused by words and spiteful feelings that we seem to reserve only for those whom we love.  "I always," "You never" "I do everything" - all of those ugly feelings are rearing their nasty, divisive selves.  We all have our crosses on our backs and each of ours is heavier, has more splinters than anyone else's.  Get the picture?  Pray for us.  We need to lay down our selfishness, our individual desires and reach out to one another in love.  We need to boast in our weaknesses so that we can completely rely on Him.,


Momma C said...

Oh sweet girl. Thank you for your honesty. We totally understand!!! It is ugly here right now too! I will be lifting you up in prayer.

Melanie said...

THanks sweet friend! I know you understand completely and I will be praying for your dear family too:)