Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break Baby!

OK, so the 'baby' part of the title was totally a gratuitous throw back to my hay days of actual spring break trips, pre-children, and pre-thou shall not drink mass quantities of any form of alcohol b/c as parents and health care professionals so aptly point out, it will make you dumb and do dumb stuff.  Plus it makes you fat.  If for no other reason than that, I should have avoided that liquid poison, but alas, my inability to make quality choices, in beverages as well as men, reigned for a good 5 year span.  Thank God (literally) that I survived those years:)
Anyhoo, we are going nowhere this spring break.  We didn't last year either and it all seemed to be OK.  The children were not scarred, at least not that I can tell now.  Maybe in 20 years I'll get a bill from their shrink listing: damages incurred during boring spring vacation, $3,000.  Damages incurred while being made to wear jeans without holes in them, $1,000 (that's for Jack).  Damages incurred while being denied every piece of candy that ever came across his/her path, $4,000. 
Oh well.  Hey, I wasn't allowed to wear jeans to school until I was in high school.  Prior to that it was corduroys and colored jeans (thank goodness they were in style then).  Yes, I am still traumatized thank you very much for asking.  My parents considered jeans, or dungarees, as work/chore/farm pants, certainly not acceptable for school.  School was our 'job' and as they would never wear jeans to work, neither should we wear them to school.  Eye rolling is completely necessary here, so feel free.  While I respect the sentiment, and I cannot blame anyone other than myself for the corduroy knickers that I wore in the 5th grade (you read that right, I wore knickers, with knee-hi socks, and a high-collared blouse with coordinating corduroy blazer), I do think it added fuel to the fire of rebellion that burned deep inside my teen-angst ridden self.  Or not.  I could have just been a rotten kid.  Whose to say.
Speaking of rotten kids.  This one got a much needed haircut last night.  While I dug the shaggy frat boy 'do, it was becoming more of a mountain man/kid 'do so Jeff trimmed him up.

When Jeff first finished I said it looked kind of like a bowl cut, and it does.  But cuter and no so bowlish.  Here's the happy customer with his ice cream cone.  I caught him mid "cheesebooger" which is what all the professional photographers have their subjects say when taking their pics.
Beautiful weather has returned here, so we all hit the walking trail for some bike riding/walking.  Ryan fell asleep in the backpack carrier - too cute, but forgot my camera so no pics.  Trust me it was adorable:)
Hope you all have a great day! 

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Momma C said...

Wish we had a walking trail close by. Have to use your muddy lane. Oh well. What's more fun than jumping in a mud puddle!