Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I posted a while back about our decision to make some changes in the foods we bought/ate.  I also wrote that I would post some of our meals.  Yeah, that worked out well:)
Seriously though we have been doing pretty good around here.  We found some chicken that we can buy locally and it costs only a few cents more/lb.  We are still waiting on our 1/4 cow to be killed and processed.  I looked back at our menus for the past 2 weeks and we have eaten 4-5 meatless meals/week.  Last night we had Falafel Pita Pockets - essentially chick peas put into the food processor with some spices and an egg, formed into patties and fried in olive oil.   Topped with a cucumber, red onion, yogurt dressing (for me and Jeff, the kids used ketchup or ranch both of which were are finishing and then NEVER buying again) and paired with a huge salad.  I've served a variation of these chickpea patties before, just by themselves and Jack and EK were not crazy about them.  The spices were different so maybe that was the problem.  Jack has also decided that he doesn't like rice anymore.  We buy spelt pasta and usually have that on hand, but it's still more expensive than the bag of organic rice.  I'll keep putting it on his plate with different twists, but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle!  He has recently decided that there are several foods that he previously ate with gusto, which are no longer ok.  We try to be sensitive to everyone's palates, but are also on limited funds and I am not a short-order cook!  If there's something leftover from lunch that can be substituted in for what he doesn't like, then we'll try that, but otherwise, tough beans kid:)
So, we're doing well on our journey and I am constantly looking for recipes.  If you have any good ones send them my way!  I did make up a snack for us yesterday. I had some pitas that were on their way out, so I cut them into wedges, brushed them with water, sprinkled on some cinnamon and sugar and then broiled them for a minute.  We dipped them in some low-fat vanilla yogurt (Stoneyfield).  Delish!  This kind of stuff satisfies my snacking tendency - I want several pieces of something, rather than one big thing.  I know it's totally mental, but that's why thinks like frozen grapes are so appealing to me too.  If you're a snacker, how do you satisfy that need while not busting the calories/budget/health issues?

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