Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I never got around to blogging yesterday, so here's a belated (ok, totally funny I just typed bleated haha) shout out to my sister and her hubby - Happy Anniversary!  It's been 8 years for them - easy for me to remember since they got married mere weeks after Jack was born.  The wedding was perfect and my sister looked amazing!  She had a TON of bridesmaids (I can't even remember how many!) and they were all so sweet and helpful to her on the big day.  What is so funny is that Jack was about 8 weeks old and I was breastfeeding him.  I had smooshed my post pregnancy body into a beautiful skirt/top that my sis had picked for us.  I had bought one of those fat-taming undergarments which I highly recommend, and somehow wrangled my loose flesh and nursing tata's into the appropriate places.  We had left the hotel and reconvened at the church awaiting the ceremony.  I wanted to make sure that Jack wouldn't be hungry during the service, so I sat down in the designated room, which happened to be a children's Sunday school classroom.  TINY little chairs!  So I plopped myself down and somehow wrangled the top up around my neck and proceeded to nurse.  All was well, or so I thought, until my lap felt kind or warm and wet!  Sure enough, Jack had pooped and it all went right on through all over my skirt!  We were, I think, within about 30 minutes of starting the ceremony, so those girls went right into action.  One had my skirt off and was washing it in the little bathroom.  Another had Jack and was changing him.  Another ran to her car and grabbed her hairdryer so we could dry off the skirt once it had been cleaned.  I felt like some bizarre beauty pageant contestant, with everyone buzzing around me, doing things for and to me while I just stood there shell-shocked.  My baby had pooped on me, on my sister's wedding day!  Oh cruel world!  In the end, all was well.  The skirt looked fine, my poor aunt had to handle a not so happy baby, but the wedding itself went perfectly.  It was the last big family gathering before my mom's dad passed, and several years before the shadow of cancer would lurk in the corners of our lives.  Those wedding pictures hold memories of a big crazy family, hope for a new marriage, and if you look closely enough to see the miserable baby being held by the mommy with the forced smile, the optimism that is inherent in bringing a child into this wonderful but unpredictable world.

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Kimberly said...

Just want to say I love you! I will be posting soon, keep your eyes peeled. Don't hold your breath but keep a lookout!! Prayers of thanksgiving today because I get to call you friend!!