Sunday, March 21, 2010

How felony got her groove back

So once upon a time I was affectionately nicknamed "Felony," I'm sure it was in no way an indication of my lifestyle at the time.  Er, well, anyhoo.  It always makes me laugh just knowing that I, of all people, ended up marrying a cop.  While Jeff is not your stereotypical cop, on a power trip and just itching to bust somebody, anybody, he  is nevertheless  a member of the law enforcement community.  Ironies abound.  Last week I was in a funk.  Nothing major, just a plain ol' funk.  I ate some cookies.  Watched some old movies.  And by mid-week, was on my way out of Funksville.  Friday we had spring weather, Jeff and I took Will and Ryan for a walk, then, on the first official day of Spring we got the news.  A cold front was headed our way, promising to dump inches of snow on us.  UGH!!!  Now I love snow as much as the next girl, but come on!  Don't tease me with the 70's and then send me back to my wool cardie with the 30's!  For the record, I really didn't believe that we were going to get the snow.  I have zero trust in weather people. I am pretty sure I could just show up at the tv station, look at the satellite images, and give it a go.  Hey, if I'm wrong I still have a job.  Hope there are no touchy weather people reading this.
Ok, back on track here.  The snow started last night and this is what we woke up to.

Not spring.  Winter.  Not happy.  Headed back to Funksville. 
Well, not just yet.  Because I have a funny family.  They make me laugh.  All. The. Time. 
Like my dear hubbie who is willing to play games with our kids.  I personally am not a fan of playing cars, hide-n-seek etc.  Go ahead.  Report me to the bad mommies commission.  I am not afraid of them. 

Here's Jeff  "hiding" from Will during a rowdy game of Hide-n-seek.  Actually it really is fun to do this with Will since he often overlooks the obvious.  One time Jeff just stood in the corner of our dining room with a blanket over him.  We have a very open floor plan, so I use the term 'hiding' very loosely here.  Not kidding, Will walked right by him.  Twice.  As if there was always a 6 foot green blanket in that corner.

This is what Ryan is doing to pass the time in the tundra.  He is almost sitting up on his own.  Hence the surrounding pillow fort.  Happy as always!

Ella-Kathryn yet again conned her little bro into playing dolls.  Unfortunately, Will has adopted this feminine style with an unnerving ease.  He was adamant that he take his purse to Wal-Mart yesterday.  And he about lost his mind when we got home and he left it in the car.  "Purse.  Garage.  Car." he cried to me.  Well, hold onto your pink panties little man, I'll go get your purse in just a minute.  This of course goes well with his hording of all personal items in his pants pockets.  Every coin, and paper currency he has must be carried in his pants. Every day.  No ifs, ands or buts.  Also the collapsible magnifying glass, mini tape measurer, and if he's feeling plucky, his stubby pen.  In case he needs to write something down.

Jack, still in jammies, found solace and quiet in his room.  That lasted for 2 minutes.  Jack went to a sleep over birthday party Fri and apparently at lunch had a caffeinated root beer.  That explained why he was not so grouchy as he usually is when he comes home from spending the night with a friend.  However, by 4 all bets were off and some sort of demon beast clawed its way out of my precious son.  Snarky comments, sassy retorts and a veritable plethora of disobedient acts followed, until he was bathed and put to bed by 7.  A time which was about 2 hours over due if you ask me:)  He is much better this morning, praise the Lord!!! 
Ok, so the world's longest post is over.  I am posting a pics only post too just to get some stuff off of my camera.  Hope your day is wonderful - warm and springy:)

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