Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!!!

Ok, so I haven't actually fallen, but I have fallen way behind on posting! Not sure what happened, life I guess, but I'm back:)
We've been busy with Scouts, school, Christmas shopping etc. I finally got to visit with my dear friend H. on Fri. What a sweet time that was, just to catch up and enjoy her new addition - no not a baby, literally an addition to their home. Love that girl!!! We should all be so blessed by a friend like her - thoughtful, considerate, and truly caring of her family and friends.

This little man had his 4 month checkup today.

He is a whopping 14 lbs and is 25 in. long! Yeah Ryan! His heart sounds good, but we're checking in with his original NICU doc to make sure we shouldn't be doing any follow-up echos. Poor kid had to get 3 shots and take one med orally, but he did great and since yesterday afternoon is taking 6 oz - up from 5. He still sleeps ALL night, Praise Jesus and Hollerlewya (yes that's the phonetic way of saying it southern style). He is such a happy baby, and thank heavens for that with him being the 4th and all. He goes right along with everyone else and LOVES to laugh at his brothers and sister. And they all love to make him laugh:)
Jack had awesome behavior at school last week - 5's all week, and did well on his tests. We are so proud of his hard work and his self-control. He is trying so hard to keep himself in check. On Sat. he and Jeff took a drive to go check out a car in Siloam Springs. Apparently on the way there and back, he and his dad did some serious talking. Manly stuff including when he would be old enough to get his own car (a Mustang) and move out (Never if his mom can help it.). He told Jeff that "mom would cry when I moved out." Amen son:)

Christmas parade season is in full swing around here and that means that Jeff is off riding his police motorcycle. His dress includes these riding boots which are like waders on the kids, but they love to try them on.

Not sure why both of them have such goofy expressions other than they are my children...

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