Saturday, November 28, 2009


Doesn't it look like he's praying? Love this little man!

Now, onto business...

In Ecclesiastes one reads about timing and seasons of life. That catchword "season" is tossed around quite a bit amongst Christian mommy circles and with good reason. It is, I think, the most concise way to describe the fact that we each go through different phases: singlehood, dating, engagement, marriage, newly-married, mommyhood etc. Disclaimer, this is all about the mommyhood and yes I am fully aware that there are many other phases of life etc, but this is what I'm posting about, so there. Anyhoo, amid the mommyhood season there are distinct subseasons: newborn, one baby, 2 kids, toddlers, tweens, teens etc ( I am really into lists tonight!). My point is, we often use "I am just in a busy season/difficult season right now and can't_____." I myself have said this many a time. But, I must confess, when I've said it, I've wondered if I was using it as an excuse. As in, "I just can't have a quiet time right now, I've got and infant and a 2 year old, and the 2 year old doesn't sleep well." True enough, but is there really not one little spot of time (thank you Virginia Wolf) to carve out for my God? Really, not 10 minutes? Um, well, yes there is. So, it is an excuse in that example. Now there really are some things that I just cannot accomplish right now - serving at Samaritan House with Ryan strapped to me might work, but now with Will hanging onto my leg. So, all of this is just to point out that sometimes, I think we rely on our season to bail us out of stuff that really is a matter of discipline, spiritual or otherwise. This has been rolling around in my head as of late as I struggle to find, no strike that, make time for exercise and as Jeff and I crunch numbers to "do" Christmas and pay off the hospital bills. Self-discipline is in and of itself a lovely concept, but I for one will fail every time if my motivation is not "glory-filled." In other words, if I am working out merely to look good (a massive feat for this stretched-marked body:)) rather than because I am a work of God and it is my duty to care for his creation, then I will fail because I will never look good enough for the world. I can, however, take care of this body, to be strong to lift up my children, help my husband, neighbors, friends, and strangers. If we are not self-controlled in our finances then we will be unable to give generously to those in need. So, we're prayin' for self-control around here!

We had a great break. For the most part everyone got along and our actual Thanksgiving was a delight thanks to my in-laws for the amazing feast! Jack got to spend the night with a friend last night and EK is having a friend over tonight. They are both blessed with some dear friends, whom we hope stick with them for a long time to come! I am sad to see the vacation come to an end, but it will only be a matter of weeks before we're back on break for Christmas.

Here are some pics of our past week.
One of our nights on Thanksgiving break - we made a pallet, popped in a movie and enjoyed some down time.

This is what happens when you have a sister!

But, this is also what happens when you have a sister! Everyone loves to hold Ryan:)
We even made time to bust out the Christmas decorations and get the house all prettied up! Funny, in the pic I am noticing a spot where I didn't put as many lights - oh well. The kids enjoyed hanging the "instruments" as Jack kept calling them. I didn't even have to go back and "fix" that many as I have in years past. Tomorrow we will light the first Advent candle and begin our scripture reading as we strive to stay focused on Jesus' birth. Note the cockeyed star - Jeff hasn't trimmed the top for me yet, so we're just saying it represents our family: a little off-centered but really shiny!

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