Friday, November 6, 2009

3 Months Old!

Well, the first three pics are how this lil' man is usually - happy, content, just waiting for someone to engage him. He laughs a bit now when I get going into full silly mode - so much fun! The last photo is how he is from dinner time til bedtime. Fussy period? Colic? not sure. The nurse today said it could be either. He's really not that bad -just wants to be held the entire time and that's difficult while trying to cook dinner, do homework, get baths etc. He just won't settle and even when he falls asleep, he will only stay that way for about 10 minutes. Oh well! This too shall pass in the blink of an eye.
I was very encouraged by his weight gain - he's now 11lbs 12oz - a gain of 1 pound, 6 oz. Go Ryan! He eats about 5 oz every 3-4 hours and often goes 6 hours at night. In fact I need to go wake him right now because he hasn't eaten in 5 hours! I need to get a pic of the back of his head too because he's worked himself a perfect little bald circle. Poor baby!
Jeff is still fighting a bad head cold, but is off to scout out the hunting grounds tomorrow and then will actually hunt next weekend. I'm super excited about the possibility for some free meat. Times are very lean around here right now as we struggle to make ends meet and still pay all of our hospital bills. We are trying to remember that this is just a season of time and it will eventually be over - it just seems to loom ahead of us right now. I am praying for provision and to not be consumed with worry/fear as I see so many fall prey to that in these tough times. I also don't want have a pity party every day! We have so much to be grateful for, Ryan's health especially, and I know I need to focus on those things. I know we are never with out God's grace and mercy, and even when we struggle here on earth, it is all part of our walk - to trust and have faith that he loves us and has only good planned for us.

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Karen said...

Can't wait to actually get my hands on that little guy!