Monday, November 16, 2009

Under the weather

Ever since EK ran fever a couple of weeks ago, she has had lingering symptoms, namely a cough. She coughs all night, and I even went out and got her an OTC cough syrup (this was after nights of honey, vicks and cough drops to no avail). Will seemed to pick up Jeff and EK's cold last week and we've not been getting good sleep lately. Ironically, my 3 month old can sleep through the night, but my 2 year old cannot. Oh well. At least the baby IS sleeping that much - we've never had such a good baby! So finally today, after another long night, I called the DR. and took EK and Will in to see what was going on. Nothing major was found, but we did go ahead and start a round of antibiotics for both and they will share some cough syrup and hopefully we will all sleep tonight!
I am amazed that Ryan is such a great baby. Because of some random stuff this weekend, we got off schedule by an hour and so last night he took a bottle at 8 instead of 7 so this meant I could either stay up until 11 and give him one more bottle before I went to bed, or I could try and see how long he could make it, maybe til 5? Well let me tell you, that little man slept until 5:45, and probably could have stayed in bed a bit longer if Will hadn't been having a temper tantrum in his ear! I already miss his night waking simply because when he would stir for his bottle I would unwrap him from his swaddle he would just smile at me like I was the best thing he could imagine seeing at 3am. Oh how I love that boy! People keep commenting on how big he's getting and they're absolutely right. He's in 3-6 month clothes now (I switched over after his 3 month checkup) and he takes at least 5 oz at each feeding. I miss nursing him, but I know that he is growing so well now because of the formula. It is hard to feel time surging so quickly ahead. His hospital stay seems a distant memory and yet when I look at pics from that time those emotions are right there under the surface. Yet, I am overjoyed to see him grow, smile and laugh, watch his brothers and sister, find his hands, and sleep like an angel:)

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