Saturday, December 12, 2009


Bowlin' fun!

Jack bowled like a big boy at one point literally throwing the ball down the alley! Yikes!

Chillin' waiting for her turn.

Um, Mom, why are you taking my picture? Is it these super cute little bowling shoes?

Our church gave us a fun Christmas party - well the party was for Jeff who actually "works" for the church part-time. Anyway, we have this amazing place called Fastlane down by the church. It's an indoor play place - bowling, laser tag, arcades, go-carts etc. Really, just neat and clean and so much fun. It's been around for a year or so now, but let's face it, not a place we can afford right now, so this was an awesome opportunity for us to get to go. We had pizza with some of the other part-timers/volunteers and then got to bowl! So much fun! And Will's first time:) They had a great ramp kind of thing that you can set the ball on and then just push it down the ramp and watch it go. He loved it and kept saying "yes, yes!" Too cute. Jack and EK really enjoyed their time too, and Jeff and I were so proud of them. They all behaved wonderfully and we just had a great family night. Jeff and I laughed because he and I bowled HORRIBLY. Not that we've ever been mistaken for pros, but we really stunk! At one point Will was ahead of all of us! And my sweet Ryan slept through the whole thing~
The kids are counting down the days til Xmas, til Poppy comes, and of course til school lets out for break. Because of the FRIGID temps and poor scheduling, we have missed all of the local parades. Boo! Thus, we have missed all of the opportunities to sit on Santa's lap and get a free pic. So, today was Breakfast with Santa at our elementary school and the proceeds were to benefit the PTO. As you all know we are very tightly budgeted around here, but we thought, well the money goes to a good cause and we might not get another chance for Jeff to help me with the kids doing the Santa pic thing. So for 3 bucks a person, Will and Ryan did not have to pay, Jeff and I got 2 danish and coffee and the kids got 1 pastry and juice or milk etc. At one point Jeff says to EK, "you'd better enjoy that, it is the most expensive donut EVER!" Also you got 1 free pic with Santa, of course the photog pushed for you to buy a "package." I have nothing against this per se, but seriously, a package of Santa pics? No thanks, and don't look at me that way when I turn down the package, because if you want to volunteer your time to do this then that's what it should be, voluntary with a bonus of some people buying extra. Anyhoo - the new header pic is the kiddos with Santa - I realized after the fact that it was a bit rude of me to usurp the photog, but oops I did it anyway. We then "shopped" at the Jingle Bell Shop, merely window shopped though. I told the kids I'd take them to the dollar store later to pick out stuff for each other.
A funny: after a movie tonight, Jack, EK, and Will are horsing around on the living room floor and Jack says, "mom, I've got some fierce in me." Hee hee! Yes you do son!
The cutest little man in snowman pjs.

PS- I colored my hair (again) and here's the result. Dang that red, just can't shake it:)

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Karen said...

oh my, where do I begin. I love the Santa natural and they are all so bloody BIG. i miss those precious kiddos:( Your hair looks great...truly....don't fight your roots (pun intended) got RED in ya girl! Ha! And Chad and I experienced the same thing with bowling...we stunk! Ha! I used to think i was decent...oh well...there's always Wii bowling to boost my ego..Ha! And that is the nicest dang bowling alley ever...whooo eeeee. Love y'all!