Tuesday, December 15, 2009


At Ryan's checkup last week, I specifically asked for our pediatrician to confer with our NICU doc about Ryan's heart issue. We wanted to know if any follow-up cardio exams should be scheduled and if so, when. Well, shocker, I called on Fri, spoke with his nurse of of course those calls to the NICU hadn't been made yet. No biggie really, but then she said she would call me back on Mon., and didn't. So, I called this morning, left a message to please call me back. Lo and behold, the good Dr. himself returned my call and gave me some amazing news. Ryan has NO lingering heart concerns. At all! Yeah!!!!! Apparently, the issues that were diagnosed while he was in the NICU are considered "normal" for early babies and his specifically resolved themselves while he was still there. So, as long as we are diligent about having his pediatricians listen carefully to his heart during his regular checkups, then we are all good. Of course, in my crazy, watched -too -many- 20/20 episodes, read too many scary blogs head I called my sister and said, "what if they're mistaken? What if they were rushed and didn't look carefully at the initial echocardiogram? Should I schedule on anyway?" Yes I know. A whole new kind of crazy over here people. Poor Jeff. That's just how I roll.

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