Monday, August 5, 2013

Back to School

It seems I've got some updating to do around here!  
June brought some sad news - my Gran passed away in NJ and so we all headed up north to spend time with the family there.  We were able to remember her, share stories, laugh, and just be together.  We were also able to get out and about a bit - took the kids to the park my sister and I went to as kids.

Spending time with cousins, aunts and uncles, great aunts/uncles, and poppy made for a fun trip, amid the sadness of losing Gran. 
On the way home we made a quick stop at the American Motorcycle Museum.  A fun place to see the history of motorcycles - riders, bikes, and the progression of the sport.  
We tried to get back into the swing of things upon our return, but just couldn't seem to find a way to complete a few school subjects.  The pool and friends got most of our attention!  We celebrated Father's day with a special meal for Jeff.

And then hit up BV's annual 4th of July parade.  
And of course had some firework fun of our own!

Ella-Kathryn entered and WON her first motocross race!  Very proud of her!
Then we headed out to FL, making a couple of stops along the way to visit with friends.  First, we go to hang out with my sister's sil and her sweet kids!   Here's EK with Olivia and Naomi - such dear girls.  
The we crashed with my friend from school and got to play with her super sweet boys, J and A.  I feel confident posting this pic since her son is incognito:)
Jack in disguise first...
 then A got in on the action!
When we got to FL we spent time with the cousins again, got to have special dates with Aunt LaLa, celebrated Poppy and Theresa's wedding, and even squeezed in a fishing trip with Poppy and jet skiing with daddy!
Will practicing his floating in the deep end.
 Beach time with Poppy!
 Boogie Boarding fun!

 Ry's crazy beach hair:)
 Will's catch of the day all fried up for lunch.
On our way home from FL we stopped again at Karen's and were able to join in with Emily's bday party.  She got to take her friends to Skyzone and they all had a great time.  Sorry for the blurry pic:(
Then we finally made it home and we began our light homeschool schedule - math, spelling, reading and that's about it.  In the midst of that, Jack was able to buy his first dirtbike - he's worked so hard all summer mowing yards and it finally paid off!
As we wrapped up our first week back to school, I had to snap this pic.  It's Will and his very first official spelling test!  He did great on it too!
So, I will post our curriculum for this school year another time, but suffice it to say, it's been hard putting our nosed back to the grindstone. 

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