Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Ella-Kathryn!

 Our sweet girl, born in the wee hours of the morning.  Your heart condition that was diagnosed in utero, disappeared after you were born, and while you had taken in some yucky stuff during the birth, you perked up quickly.  Jack was so excited to meet you:)

 Your first birthday - we had a party in FL even though we had moved back to AR, and you REALLY liked the frosting on your cupcakes!
 Second birthday, at Grandma and PaPa Simpson's house, since we were still in the little blue house, almost ready to move into our new house on Hanover.
 Your first birthday celebrated at our home on Hanover - you turned 3 and GG, Gran, LaLa and Aunt KK, came with Emily and Case.
 4th Birthday - your hair was finally really growing long:)
Your 5th birthday - you were so sweet and understanding as Mommy and Daddy tried to juggle your baby brother Ryan's arrival and hospitalization with some kind of normal life at home.  We did manage to have a birthday party for you, and I think you felt good about it all, but man was it hard to be fully present here with you, knowing your brother was in the NICU alone.  You quickly became my biggest helper once he came home - always eager to help feed him, or change his diaper.  You started kindergarten that month too!

Birthday #6 - you had a Hannah Montana party:)

7 - you had a Rock Band party with your sweet friends.

Last year you headed to the pool with your friends - so fun!

This year you will go skating on Sat with 2 close friends.  We had the family party on Sun to celebrate all of the Aug birthdays.
Ella-Kathryn, I cannot believe you are 9!  You are becoming such a lovely young lady.  You continue to be the encourager in our family - always cheering everyone else on!  You are usually of great help to me, and do very well with your studies.  You love to read, and still enjoy playing with your dolls.  But you also love music and movies, and of course your friends.
Happy birthday sweet girl!
Photo: Happy 9th birthday to my favorite daughter!

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