Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Wedding

Top: First dance for Dad and Theresa.
Middle: Ryan and Mary Kate
Bottom: Harry and Evan dancing with the little cousins - Will, Emily, Case, and EK.

I didn't want to forget to detail Dad and Theresa's wedding.   The ceremony was at 7:30 AM on the beach - at Peter's Point.  It was overcast, but that helped keep the temps down, so I don't think anyone complained:) Dad and Theresa's families all gathered on the beach, and then Theresa made her way down the boardwalk to Dad.  It was a very sweet ceremony.  Theresa's niece and nephews read scripture selections that Dad and Theresa chose for the day.  
We headed back to the house for a catered breakfast - delish and a fun time to meet the new family:)  We got to hang out at the house with them until the afternoon reception, which was held downtown Fernandina in a swanky bar.  There was dancing and more yummy food, and dancing, and dancing!  I had to sit out because of my broken toe:(  But, the kids has a BLAST!  They boogied for most of the 3 hour reception!  And sweet Ryan had his first dance with a girl other than his momma.  Theresa's precious niece Mary Kate was kind enough  to dance with this little boy who had developed a HUGE crush on her that day.  She heads off to college this fall with a 4 year old's heart in her hands:)
We ended the night back at the house, Karen and family, our family, and the Caulers.  While the whole day was rather surreal in so many ways, it was a joy to get to be a part of such a special day for my Dad and Theresa.  They are making changes to the house, and I know that it will look significantly different when we return next, but that too is good for me.  A new life deserves some fresh pages, and I'm excited for Dad and T and their future together!

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