Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photo dump

The kid's participated in the Buddy Bass Fishing Derby again this year.  Sadly, not one fish was caught:(  But they did have a fun time and it was a beautiful day!

 Love Jeff's expression in this one!
 Ry got bored fishing so he played with some bait!
 My Mother's Day breakfast-in-bed.  So sweet of them to prepare and deliver it to my bed:)  They also made a plethora of cards and sweet notes.  And I got a new watch to replace my broken one.
 With Jeff's busy schedule I haven't been able to take as many walks on my own.  The weather has been beautiful finally, so the kids and I just pack up and head out for a 4-5 mile walk most days.  The trail system here in Bentonville is so nice - paved and well-kept.  There are several different trails we take and here's a shot from yesterday's adventure.  This one of Ry running makes me smile - he has such a cute running pose and I am so happy I could capture a bit it!
My allergies are in killing me!  Or it could be allergies plus the nasty cold Jeff had last week.  Either way it makes walking/jogging really hard.  But, I am finding that I really miss my exercise when I don't get to do it, so I'm pushing on through the "pain."  Ha!  Seriously, no pain, just a pain in the rump to deal with the crud, but AR spring weather is so unpredictable, I can't bet on tomorrow being nice.  We just have to take advantage of today!  Sounds like some proverb doesn't it?
We are all so excited about the summer - getting to spend so much time in FL and the kids are super amped for Poppy and Theresa's wedding.  Jack wanted to be the best man!  We have pulled Jack from scout camp - just too homesick and with all the time away for FL it just didn't seem like the best time.  I'm sure we'll find many other things to do - swimming, parks etc.  Ok, off to meet a friend and her son for a walk!

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