Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lost Boy

I lost Will today.  He was found, but for about 1 1/2 gut wrenching minutes, I had no idea where he was.  Let me start by explaining that our church is huge - thousands upon thousands of people attend our church.  We know lots of people there, but those number a mere fraction of the folks who come in and out of those doors.  So, I had picked up Jack and Ella-Kathryn from their rooms, then went downstairs to get Will.  We all walked across the building to get Ryan, checked him out and then proceeded to head out towards the center of the building.  We stopped there to visit with a family and as I'm talking with her, she says, "hey, aren't you missing one?"  I look down, see Jack, Ella-Kathryn, and I'm holding Ryan, but Will is not there.  I spin around, don't see him, ask Jack where's Will?  He was supposed to bring him along when we left Ryan's room.  Now, let me say here, that I am NOT blaming Jack.  Just asking him if he was with Will at any point.  Jack tells me that will was right with him.  I tell Ella-Kathryn to stay put on the bench withe empty carseat, b/c I'm still holding Ryan.  I search the hall, classrooms, Will.  As I come back around to the check-in center, I see one of our friends holding Will - thank you God!  Apparently he had just moved along with the crowd, and after Jack stopped at the bench with the rest of us, Will continued on. All of the way, OUT OF THE BUILDING!!!!  I felt sick to my stomach.  Thankfully, a dear couple who has served in the early childhood building for years noticed him, ALONE, and brought him back in.  He was fine - didn't seemed at all scared by the whole thing.  I felt awful.  There's another mark in the worlds-worst-mother column (along with letting them play with a dead bird:)).  I called Jeff and told him the whole thing, adding, I guess it was bound to happen sometime!  Just kidding - I am usually very conscientous about knowing where they are at all times.  The sad thing is that when we got home  EK and Jack came in, I brought in some groceries, unbuckled Will, got him out of the car, came back in the house with some more stuff, then went out and got Ryan.  Came in started unpacking the food when Jeff says, "Where's Will?"  Good grief!  I run outside and he's just standing in the front yard looking out across the street at our neighbors.  Um, hey buddy, could you come on in the house now?  Mommy didn't even know you were out here.  Yikes!  So, he's had his "scare the crap out of mommy time" and now it's all smooth sailing, right? 


Aunt LaLa said...

I remember when my friend Claudia and I were shopping in the 80's...her 2 boys with us. We 'lost' them both...Claudia wasn't the LEAST bit concerned! And she was right...we found them...hiding in the clothing racks. But I understand! I was in a TOTAL panic when Lilly and Kate fell down the stairs at Christmas, and it seemed like Lilly was unconsicious. FRANTIC...but all was well. Would you consider a child leash? I've seen them, and it might be a solution while he is still a toddler!! PLEASE...don't lose our sweet Will again! HA HA!! I'm sure it won't be the last time one of the young un's goes on an adventure!

Momma C said...

That is every Mommy's worst nightmare. If he is going to get lost - FBC is a good place!