Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6 months

Ryan's 6 mo. checkup was last week and all was well.  I reported to our doc that he was often rolling over to his side, but had not yet gotten completely over onto his front.  Well, of course, on fri he finally did it!  He still does not enjoy being on his face like that so he usually just rolls back and forth - he especially likes to be on the floor with the other kids and me.  He laughs at them and just smiles - so happy to just be a part of the action!  He is suffering a terrible cough right now, but after a ped. visit on Mon, we are assured that it's just a cold/virus and not RSV.  I just thank my God every day for this boy:)
Ella-Kathryn is still fighting the sassy demon that has at times seemed to take over her whole person!  Whew - she's a pill that one.  My dad caught her making some wicked eyes at me when I was trying to help her with the Wii one day. But, in the next minute she can be precious and sweet, and funny!  Like last week when she told me I was a "cake fruit" - so close little girl! 
Jack is doing well, although when we got his work home yesterday, we noticed that he had done very poorly on his science work.  He continues to excel in spelling and word study, math has improved a bit, but if there is in-class work that requires some intense concentration/attention to detail, it seems he still struggles.  I think, too, that since they don't do science on a regular basis, it takes him a while to get back in the groove.  His test is today, so we'll pray for focus!  He wants to do well, and that's a big step for him. 
One of the factors in the pro column for homeschooling is that we can more efficiently use our time.  As it is now, they get home at 3:30 and we get snack, play for a bit, do homework, eat dinner, get ready for bed, read, and then it's time for EK to go to bed.  Jack and Will stay up til 8 and we often have to do more work with Jack until his bedtime.  He's in the 2nd grade!  I shudder to think about how little time he will have to himself in upper grades.  They get 1 recess a day and have PE 1x/week. And that only decreases with age, although they can participate in extracurricular sports, at the expense of study time.  I am still struggling with this decision, but I think more for concern about my abilities and fear of the unknown, rather than knowing that it's best for our family.  More to come....

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Way to grow, Ryan!!!