Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Cold

My sister came in for a visit last week!!! YEAH!!!! We had a great time, despite being housebound by a winter storm, the likes of which I have not seen around here in a while.  It snowed ALL day Fri.  Thankfully, her flight got in early enough Thur. that we were able to get out and about then - lunch (no kids!), shopping (although I don't think either of us bought a thing), and then Starbucks where she was the lucky recipient of an extra cup of coffee due to a mix up in orders.  Usually a great thing to get a bonus cup from them, but on this particular day my poor sis had already had coffee, diet coke (several with lunch too) and then the coffee.Needless to say, wine was a pleasant evening drink to help settle the shaking hands:)  I too enjoyed some of Wal-Mart's finest!  Fri school was canceled so she got some extra time with the kids.  We also got her addicted to Band Hero - she's going on tour with us as our drummer.  We ate too much candy and random "snowed-in" foods, like cocktail weenies, chex mix, and spinach dip. Will finally figured out that he could call her Aunt KK - he's struggled with Karen from the get go, and one of her other nieces/nephews calls her KK, so we gave it a try and he got it!  The downside is that boy howdy does he know how to say it!  I miss her terribly - hate that she's so far away, but am hopeful that they'll be moving back this way someday soon.
During our snow days, we also noticed that Ella-Kathryn's cough was worsening and Ryan's little nose would not stop running:(  Monday school was canceled, so we managed an appt at our clinic and while thankfully Ryan does not have RSV, he did need antibiotics, as the Dr. noticed some wheezing in his lungs.  Poor baby!  EK too got some drugs and cough/decong. meds and is much better.  They both were just beat down with whatever they had - their noses were just raw!  I am, however, very impressed that Ryan has made it this long with relatively little illness, a minor cold here and there, but b/c of his premature birth and fragile lungs, we were very concerned that our fall would be wholly about Ryan and a host of ailments. Praise God for protecting us from all of that, and of course we continue to be vigilant with the hand washing etc.  He's just so stinkin' happy, and we found out at the Dr. heavy!  He weighed it at a whopping 17'14" - no wonder my wrists hurt all  the time!  Lugging him around I should be a bean pole.  If it weren't for that daggum candy and chex mix...

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MoDLin said...

Sounds like you had a lovely visit - makes me miss my own sis. It's wise to keep a closer eye on your preemie during cold season. Sorry he has a cold, but I'm glad it's not RSV. Hope the gang gets healthy again soon.