Thursday, January 7, 2010


Snow day #4. At 4:30, I awoke to Will yelling my name. Not sure how long he had been hollerin' before I finally heard him, but I got up, went to him and told him it was still nighttime and to roll over and go back to sleep. Thankfully he did. As I made my way back across the house, I couldn't help but peek outside to see what Mother Nature had brought us. We had read that there was more snow coming, but only an inch. More importantly, there was an arctic front pushing through that would cause our temperatures to plummet. And they did. I saw that there was a dusting of snow, and I would see the wind blowing the snow across the yard. Hmm. Would it be cold enough to cause all that had melted yesterday to freeze thereby making it too dangerous to head out this morning? I hoped so:) You see, I'm not sure who was sadder about having to get back to our normal lives. Me, or the kids. They certainly didn't want to return to school, nor did I want them to. I told Jack last night that it was OK to pray for more snow/no school, but just to not be disappointed if it didn't happen. I prayed too:) So, after shuffling back to bed at 4ish, I managed to fall back to sleep for a few hours, until my alarm went off at 6:30. I was confused at first, it has after all, been three week since I've used that blasted thing. When I was aware enough to roll over and turn it off, I immediately came out to boot up the computer. Within a minute the day's plans were all off. NO SCHOOL! Yippee! I'm not sure who was happier. So, one more stay. One more day to hang out and drink hot chocolate, watch a movie, play the Wii, do some worksheets, read some books together, whatever. Only today, we will NOT be going outside since the high will be a whopping 18! Yesterday I ran into some other mom's at Wal-Mart (my first time out of the house in 4 days and no I was not stir-crazy or anything like that, simply needed to get some groceries) and each of them were so ready for their kids to be gone, back to school. Is there something wrong with me? Sure we've had some bickering, yelling, etc. But truly, it's been a pleasure to have them here. It gives me some hope that if we do choose homeschooling, it won't be a complete disaster:) For now, I'll keep my fire stoked, clean house a bit, do some work with the kids, and just enjoy the day. Hope it brings blessing for each of you too!
PS - as I read this to EK, she informed that she did want to go back to school but when I asked her well, what if we ended up homeschooling, then would she miss school? She said, no she meant she wanted to do school here! I then asked her what she would miss about Cooper to which she replied: I get to pick all sugar stuff at lunch, and specials, and centers. Well, I think I could match the specials and centers, but sugar stuff for lunch?????

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