Saturday, January 2, 2010

Leaning in

Tangent 1: I spent the whole day at home moving from one space to the next just trying to get a handle on this life. I let so much go while Dad was here and with the kids home and Jeff off from work, well, it's a disaster. Not so much the physical space, although these floors have been much cleaner, rather it's the paper. Around here we have bills, stuff to be filed, school papers, scout papers, dr. papers, classwork papers, after-school reading/math papers, well you get the picture. I managed to wrangle them into neat piles over the past 2 weeks, but today it was time to tame the beast before it took over my soul. Note about me: I hate clutter and I hate feeling out of control of my home (and all that being a home-manager entails.) "A place for everything and everything in it's place" was written as a love letter to me! So, today was the day. Much was accomplished, yet there's still much to be done. I will most likely leave it as is tomorrow, except for the Daisy troop stuff. Somehow I am now the Daisy leader? Note to self: even when all hope is gone for another responsible adult to step up and take over the leadership role of daughter's girl scout troop, do not cave and say that you will "temporarily" assume said position, because what that really means is that all other responsible adults are clear-thinking and know that this is not something they should take on. Oh well. We'll muddle through somehow...
Tangent 2: On New Year's Eve we asked the kids to give us some of their highlights for '09. After explaining what highlights meant (not the magazine or what mommy got done to her hair over the summer), the following were given in response:
Ryan's birth and healing - from all
Riding bike w/o training wheels - EK
starting Kindergarten - EK
God is with me at school - EK (persmission to go awwwww)
hospital stay and recovery - Jack
getting a dirtbike - Jack
getting a BB gun - Jack
going to FL - Jack, EK, Will (me and Jeff too:))
not breaking any bones after falling through the attic floor - mel
having another safe year at work - Jeff
cake - Will (really all agreed here too)

Tangent 3: Jack and Jeff got to head out for a bit of hunting today. Really more for the experience of gearing up, driving out, and then hiking in to a spot in preparation for next season. Jeff said he spoke in earnest with Jack about the importance of not talking and if one must speak then to do so in a whisper and lean in to the other person's ear. Does he not know our child???? He did manage to whisper, but Jeff said he pretty much talked the whole time:) Oh well - maybe he'll gain some maturity in this area over the coming year.
Tangent 4: We head into this new year prayerfully considering schooling options for next fall - public, homeschool, private. Considering Jack's needs specifically, we are anxious to hear from God on this one! I am lazily researching the homeschooling route, but am intent on preparing a summer curriculum for he and EK. A test run of sorts, as well as keeping them sharp while out on break. There is so much information out there, just sifting through it all is yet another time consuming task, although one I enjoy. Scanning suggested reading lists and Latin texts, geography sites, the whole kit and caboodle really speaks to my inner student. Not much for test taking etc, but I love being in school. We'll see what happens and covet your prayers in this area.
Tangent 5: Jeff's uniform is not going to iron itself, so I'm off. The kids and I are reading through the Daily Walk Bible and listening to a reading from the NT on for kids - they seem to enjoy it and it's another way to feed them scripture. Yesterday's start in Genesis brought up some good questions from Jack (as usual) and after discussing how Adam was our "first father" last night at prayer time, I said dear Father and Jack interjected, and we don't mean Adam!

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