Friday, January 8, 2010

Monday, Monday

Last night, Will was saying something that Jeff thought sounded like 'Monday.' So Jeff starts saying "Monday, Monday, Monday" (like Sunday, Sunday, Sunday the football announcement). And within minutes, Will has learned the word Monday and starts using it in all sorts of interesting ways. "Monday I get puppy?" "Monday day?" "I go Monday?" You know, the usual toddler banter:) Then, this morning, he comes over to me and says, "Monday?" I reply, "no, Friday." "Oh," he says, "Frffray." Slowly and clearly I say, "FRI-DAY. Can you say fri-day?" Will, "Frfray." Me, "very good, try again..." And on we went for a minute until he got it (sort of). He walked away to find Jeff who was scrambling to get out the door. From the hall I hear, "Daddy, Monday?" Oh well, we'll work on it some more later:)
We sat down to breakfast, listened to DABkids, and then cleaned up. Re-gathered back at the table to do some copywork. The kids know to grab their bibles, notebooks, and pencils and take a seat while I put the day's verse on the board. Ella-Kathryn doesn't have her own bible yet, so she uses whatever is available, usually my red-letter bible. So she holds that one up and says, "Mom, is this the brand New Testament?" Tee hee! I told her it wasn't all that new:)
Sidenote: I was talking with my sister yesterday and mentioned what I had posted about, specifically how happy I was to have the kids home and about how other moms were ready to get their kiddos back to school. She called me out reminding me that there have been times when I have also felt frustrated and exhausted and ready for a break from my kids. True! So in the name of transparency and to avoid misunderstanding, I wanted to make sure it was clear that I am not walking around my house in La-La land with my rose-colored glasses on. We have squabbles and all out fights, but the last few breaks we've had around here, where the kids are all home together, have been quite pleasant. Also, this an area of focused prayer for me. I have been praying for a changed heart. To not anger so quickly. To not be so frustrated when things go off track. They are children after all. I know, I know. How many kids did I have to have to figure this out???? God is changing me too! I am more focused on who they are and who they will become, than if every surface has been dusted. Still a work in progress, but so grateful for what He's done already!

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