Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day Teepee!

I love my husband! After working a 10 hour shift, he came home and was going to switch out the blades on his mower for one of his side jobs, but instead he built the kids a teepee! Jack and Ella-Kathryn had been out in the "woods" between our lots making a fort - their progress was slow since alot of the wood/limbs that needed to be moved were quite heavy. But it kept them busy so no biggie. So dad comes home, sees a bunch of long sticks and thinks, "hey, I can build a teepee." Of course he thought that - I mean who wouldn't, right? So here's the finished product...

Now our neighbor friend is over to play Indians (yes I know this is not the PC term, but their kids!). Ella-Kathryn and Will have taken refuge in the house, since the Indians were getting mean. Oh well - they can be cowboys later and challenge them to see who gets the teepee!

On another note, in my quiet time this morning, I read Joel and was reminded that God wants us to truly grieve for our sin. Joel says God doesn't want the outward tradition of tearing their garments, rather he wants them to "tear their hearts." Ouch. Sounds painful right? Yet, what an appropriate metaphor for feeling so deeply sorry for our trespasses. My prayer today for myself and my family is that no sin would be passed over without this kind of visceral reaction. That we would not be calloused to how deeply sin grieves our God and how he desperately wants us to understand that if not confesses & repented, that sin will merely linger, perhaps even grow and spread into other sins. I want a clean heart! And I want this for my family.

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