Thursday, September 3, 2009

First checkup

Well, Ryan's first check up confirmed that he is not gaining the weight he needs to in order to stay strong and healthy. His pediatrician and I decided that Ryan will nurse and then he will get a supplemental bottle of formula. Since my biopsy when Ella-Kathryn was 6 months old, my supply has stunk on that side, and with each child I have noticed my overall supply has decreased. I was a bit anxious that he would not take the bottle well, as he only did so intermittently at the hospital, but during the first feeding after he appt. he drank a full 30 ml ( a bit under 2 ounces.) Poor kiddo - I wonder how long he's been truly feeling hungry even after he ate? We'll go back in a week for a weight check and in the meantime, the Dr. is sending our info to the insurance co. to see if we qualify for a course of antibodies that will help Ryan avoid RSV. Keep your fingers crossed b/c if they won't pay up, we won't either since it's $1,000/shot at one shot/28 days for 6 months. Yes, of course we have $6,000 lying around. Let me just pay you in cash if that's all right with you. UGH! I seriously hate insurance/medical billing etc. It is the monkey on my back so to speak. And, with Pres. Obama now pushing for goodness only knows what kind of health plan, I'm sure we'll be in worse shape in the future. Sorry for the soapbox - not a fan of this current plan. Hopeful, yes, but so far, not liking what they're proposing.
I did want to point out that during our time in the NICU I kept thinking I wonder how God is going to us this experience. I can't go up to the NICU each day and pray over the kids - I have 4 of my own, that wouldn't work. The hospitals can't release personal info on the babies, so we can't pray for them by name anyway. In the past few weeks, we have been amazed at the sheer number of people who are either going through a similar experience, or have already been there, done that. It was just this morning that I had a chance to post a comment on a family's blog about this very thing. Their daughter was born yesterday and is now facing some serious issues while in the NICU in NC. Mom is one of my sister's friends and their precious daughter has already proven herself one tough cookie, and shown God's amazing love and mercy. As with my mom's battle with cancer and then her death last year, it is these experiences that not only draw us nearer to God, but also to those around us, our fellow human beings who too must go through the trials of life. I certainly don't wish any of these situations upon any one, but find some comfort in knowing that God can and will use me and my family to further his kingdom by telling of his mercy, grace, and love, even when the outcome is not what we hope for.

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Momma C said...

God will use you in ways that you never expected because you are willing!