Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catching up

Ella -Kathryn is doing great in Kindergarten. She was named the Student Ambassador for her class, which basically means she is in charge of showing new students around the classroom etc. She was picked based on academics (um, really, it's been a month of kindergarten, but whatever!), and truly because she was a born cruise director. She is part bossy, part encourager, part real-estate agent, and all love! It is so funny to watch her in action and even funnier to hear about her day when she climbs in the van after school. She informed us last week that on the playground she usually chases some boy-friends around. Note they are friend who are boys, not the other way around:) We talked at dinner one night about whether or not this was something the boys enjoyed, she said they did, and whether or not she should be playing with some of the other girls instead, she said she did not want to. OK. So, we suggested she try to spend some time playing with other friends, but if the boys were ok with being chased, then that was fine with us. Fri. after school she pipes up from the back seat, "Mom, I played with my dudes again today." All-righty then. Her dudes, which I suppose are kind of like her peeps?
Jack had his first Scout outing last night. Jeff took Jack and EK on a camp out - Jeff said it was insane, but good:) Not sure if this is a good fit for Jack just yet, but we'll stick it out til the new year and reassess then. He loved the camping of course, but when it came time to actually learn something, he zoned out. Partly it was the activity - they were going to build rockets, good choice, except the kid-friendly ones didn't arrive on time and they were left with some that required more adult assembly. So, I'm not entirely convinced he wouldn't do better with something more hands-on.
I have so been enjoying my days with Will. He is such a funny little man and is really coming into his own lately. At his 2 year check up we discovered that he finally weighs 25 lbs and is "on the charts"! Yeah Will! A little over a year ago he was classified as failure to thrive because he was so little. Long story, but that's when mom died and my emotions really took a toll on my milk supply and he refused a bottle - miserable for all involved! But now he's doing awesome and his eating habits improve bit by bit. Veggies are still hard, but we keep putting them in front of him and are hopeful:) A funny from Will's world - he's afraid of our scarecrow! I spent a couple of days this week cleaning out the attic and dragged down the scarecrow that our family made last year. As it was lying on the garage floor, we noticed that Will was acting funny. Lo and behold, he was truly fearful of the stuffed man! Jeff took him over to it and showed him that it was harmless and fake and he was a little bit better. Then Jack propped it up by our front door, which is all glass, and this morning he spent some time checking it out again. I opened the front door for a while and let him touch it and see how non-threatening it was! Then tonight, he was pointing to the door and asking me to go see it with him. When we walked over he was hiding behind my leg! Poor kid - I hope Halloween doesn't send him to therapy!
Ryan continues to grow - I can tell when he's in his car seat how much he's changed already. I need to get him in for his 2 month checkup and then we'll have an official weigh in. Nights are tricky - sometimes he'll go for 3 hours no problem, then others I bring him to bed to nurse and he zonks out immediately. I'm simply too tired to do anything about it right now - how I long for 5 hours straight sleep! Soon I know and in the meantime I am just so happy to have him with me, tired or not!

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Karen said...

Great to catch up! I miss you. Look forward to chatting this week. Love on those kiddos for me. Hugs, K