Friday, April 24, 2009

Lil'man in the dog crate - a newly discovered "fun! He crawled in there the other day and voila! He was amused for, well I guess it was only about 15 minutes, but still

He has also discovered tackling! This of course is just one more reason for my white-knuckle parenting (that's where I am sucking in air at every near miss that my boys go through in day). He loves his bubba and J loves him. I know the new baby will too fall right in step with his big bros.
J is also very creative. Always making pictures/books/maps. This one was made before church last week - a multi-media venture - playdough, paper, crayons, matchbox boat. Very cool!
Lastly, EK helped me make a cake recipe that I snagged from a blogger in AL. As I was scrolling through her posts my mouse came to a dead stop when I saw the words "pour the sweetened condensed milk over the cake while it's hot." Oh, she had me at sweetend condensed milk! Seriously. It' super easy too and after it cools you just throw on some cool-whip and then top with crushed oreos - totally fat-free of course:) A yummy treat for the Sgt after a hard day mowing - well, fixing the various mowing implements that broke down yesterday. Poor guy. Just trying to earn some side money, and that's what he gets for his troubles! I made a delish alfredo pasta, we ran off to see Team Impact, then hurried home to get everyone in bed! what a day - but fun for all:)
Love you EK! You are such an encourager and always willing to help mommy bake. You'll be a great wife and mom someday!

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