Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lil' man - you love to feed the dogs. You get super excited, say "unch" which means lunch which applies to any meal, and you run to the pantry to get the cup to scoop out their food. You go as quick as you can over to Chewie's bowl, carefully squat down and every so gently tip the cup so that you hardly spill a bit! You then go back and repeat the process for Hap, return the cup to the food bag and shut the pantry door. I am so proud of your accomplishment! You are also playing more independently now too - cars, choo-choos, etc. It's so fun to see you growing. You still love mommy, but are talking about daddy more and more (thankfully!) and you love to try and keep up with J and EK. You especially LOVE to be "side" - outside. If you could stay out all day you would be a happy boy:) Jumping on the bed is fun too as you say "duh, duh, duh" right before falling down. Peeking around the corner also makes you laugh. Actually you will repeat anything that brings a laugh from any of us. Our lil' hambone.
EK our fashionista. You love to wear "two,two t-shirts" and often they are not coordinated, but that's ok. You like how you look and that's all that matters. You coin your very own words like "Deee-licorish" and say the funniest things. When I was reading to you at bedtime, I said to Chewie, "you stink Chewie." You turned to me and said, "mom, sometimes you don't know. it' me. I toot." All righty then! Thanks for sharing. You are starting to show your bossy/sassy side, so we'll need to work on that, but you are a great helper for mommy, folding and putting away laundry, and dusting the furniture for me. I will miss you when you go to school next fall!
J -my BIG boy. I am so proud of your hard work at school. You have surpassed the goal set for you by your teachers and you are well on your way to 2nd grade. even though you still aren't crazy about school, your favorite part is recess, you are doing great! You love your friends and are super creative. You love to design waterfalls in the backyard (Bella Vista has perfect yards for this!) and you "write and illustrate" your own books. It has been awesome to see you growing in your relationship with God. You hear/read new things about Him and think on them for days before bringing them up in conversation with us. Sometimes it's months, and then bam, you come up with these thoughts that make me say "I'll have to get back to you on that one son."
Little peanut. We will find out "what" you are next week. In the meantime, I will continue to pray that you are growing big and strong, healthy and, in all honesty, that you are NOTHING like lil'man has been as a baby! Please be calm, cooperative, please, please, please, love sleep:)
That's all for now - I love you guys!

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