Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We woke up here to a torrential downpour that lasted all morning (it actually started in the middle of the night so we were thoroughly soaked!)! Wondered if God got the wrong bible story this morning - we could have ridden to church on our Ark:) We did enjoy a great family service with J (EK and lil' man went on to their classes) and then J stayed with me to serve at 11. We had our Easter dinner with the Sgt.'s family yesterday since both of the boys are on the midnight shift now. Our Easter dinner today was courtesy of Backyard Burger! Thanks for the Law Enforcement discount guys!
The kids looked great and loved their baskets - we got them each a DVD (thanks Target for putting so many kids movies on sale last week!) and then of course enough candy to guarantee some sort of coma and/or hyper-spastic whirling dervish festival for hours to come.
J was very sweet - this morning he said thank you for the basket but that he knew this day was "especially special because of Jesus" - I have been replaying this all day in an effort to not cream him for sitting on his sister and various other sibling infractions.

J also lost another tooth! It's been super loose for days now and actually he's been complaining about it but it just didn't seem ready to come out. Then today at lunch he was able to turn the stinkin' thing sideways in his mouth! GROSS! I do not like to see the whole tooth-coming-out thing. Luckily the Sgt. stepped up and said he would yank it out when we got home. And they did!

Hope it was a great day for you all too! At one point in the service we were asked to close our eyes and just sort of walk through those days leading up to the crucifixion, the crucifixion itself, putting Christ's body in the tomb, and then, and this part still gives me goosebumps, going to the tomb only to find it empty! What I have thought? Would I have believed it if I had been one of the fortunate ones to SEE Jesus walking around in the days that followed? I hope that I would, but more importantly, I KNOW that I believe it now! Happy Easter!

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