Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm going to miss my hall

Well, I did it. I gave my notice to my director at church. The reasons are many, but mainly because I have put my family on the back burner for three years (as coordinator, years before that as a teacher) now so that I could serve. I have always served in some capacity - it's what our family believes to be the right thing to do when you join a church. However, especially since Will came along (yes I am naming names now) it has been a major production on Sundays. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Sundays are not particularly restful for us. Jeff has to go straight from his real job to church where he puts in another 4 hours in one of his side jobs. It's not terribly difficult work, but nevertheless, it means he doesn't get to bed until 1. He's pooped! At least we get to worship together:) Ultimately, it's my children, particularly Will who suffer. WE have to leave our house at 8:50 to be on time for the 9:30 service when we worship, then I serve at 11. Part of my duties include closing down the classrooms, so we don't leave church until 12:40. My kids often eat in the car, or we grab a bite on the way home. Either way, if Will had napped during church it's only been 30 min - not long enough, or he's not slept at all and will fall asleep on the way home having not eaten, thus waking up within an hour due to hunger. UGH!! Not a great way to start the week - which we then spend trying to get back into a routine. So, after serving through a period of time where my heart was SOOOOO not in a good place - I realized, this was not what God wanted of me. He desires my service to be joyful - which it is once I'm there surrounded by all of the sweet families and children - but as I kid my director, God must know how much it takes for me to get us all there, because no matter how ugly the schedule looks on paper, no matter how few teachers we have show up, it ALWAYS works out. I am not kidding. Either we have low numbers in the classes, or parents volunteer to stay - it always comes out in the wash. I'm not saying it's always smooth - we are often shuffling, juggling, etc. to make it all kosher, but ultimately, I have only once in 3 years had to turn away a child!!! Praise God! I need to end this post before I go off on my "how can a church this size not have enough volunteers" rant, but I just wanted to share how blessed I feel to have been a part of this ministry. There is nothing greater than a.) seeing a child finally be at peace with being dropped off in their class after struggling with fear/separation anxiety etc., b.) seeing an infant come in for the first time and being able to see that same sweet face for almost 2 years before they are promoted to the toddler side, and c.) this is the best part too, watching them come to know Jesus in those classrooms! I will dearly miss this, but know I am heading into a great season of focus on my family.

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Our Family said...

God knows your season of life. You will be able to join back in later when other families will need to back out!