Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grateful Heart

So much for posting with any regularity! Anway, the conference was amazing - heard what I soooo needed to hear about who God is, His character and unchangeable ways, and how I am not forgotten in His eyes or heart. Also, and this is huge, I cannot trust my emotions in my walk with God. I will, I repeat, I will have times of doubt because I feel lonely/sad/depressed etc, but those are emotions not truth. The TRUTH is that I am His child and He loves me and He is faithful and true. If I can hold fast to those things even while eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's amid a tearful night on the couch thinking about my mom and all that she's missing/I am missing with out her, then I am on the right path. I am unable to comprehend that there is nothing more beyond this world, if for no other reason than I am unwilling to never see my mom again. Beyond that, I cannot live this life without hope of something more - this world is simply too hard and there is a longing in my heart for that something more. So, there you have it! Can I get an "Amen"???
The Sgt did amazingly well while I was gone - house is still standing and wasn't too dirty either! He was so sweet - saying that he enjoyed his time bonding with lil' man. He even managed to coordinate with our friend to watch our kids so that he could help out with a church outreach project. Awesome Man! Another blessing in my life - I hear so much about husbands who are in the pits of pornography, infidelity, loss of faith etc. and while I always pray protection from these things (since we are all vulnerable) I am truly grateful for a man who works so hard and loves us so deeply. While we often joke about his inability to be "romantic" or whatever, he really is unselfish when it comes to his family. Gotta love the Sgt!:)
We're hanging home this year for Thanksgiving - going to the in-laws. I am glad to be keeping it low-key - not sure I can take too much hubbub, and Christmas is going to be crazy with everyone coming here. J is going to be baptized the Sun. after xmas - more on that later - so he will get to have his family with him for that!
Nighty night!

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