Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yikes! A whole month almost since my last post! What on earth:( So sorry to the 4 people who actually read this. We are still alive - and since those of you who look at this are the same people I talk to on a regualar basis, you already know that. Anyhoo. We are totally under the spell of Christmas, but struggling to shake off the crazy, cross-eyed and drooling trance of too much of everything...too much money spent, too much eating of sweets, too much sitting around watching movies, etc. Big bro' got sick last night - threw up his dinner all over his bed, floor, and then about an hour later, the living room. GROSS - still can hardly stand to clean up my own kiddo's vomit. Sweet Sgt was home alone with them - I ran out to do some last minute shopping (at least this time I was on a mission and actually got what I went out for). He got the room cleaned up and parked J on the couch (the scene of the secone stage of puking). UGH - you know how that goes...if it's not something it's another.
The family is headed in tomorrow - so looking forward to that. Misery loves company right - first xmas without mom and all. Seriously though, I figure who better to be with. They won't wonder what to do with me when I break down crying for seemingly no reason. They know. You don't need a reason. Her not being here is enough of a reason to lose it.
On a lighter note, J gave his life to Christ last year and is finally going to be baptized the Sun after xmas. Praise God! He's been doing a bible study with us leading up to that sun - very interesting to see him process all of this.
Ok- gotta run. Casseroles to finish. And a glass of red wine with my name on it is calling me...

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