Friday, January 28, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Tonight was Jack's first Bible Quiz.  After months of practice, we are pleased to announce that Jack and his teammate H won first place for their book/division! 

AWANA has been amazing for our kids.  It's pretty rigorous, if you want it to be, but the scripture memorization is amazing.  This time of preparation for the quiz was harder on me, I'm sure, since I'm so stinkin' competitive.  But Jack is as laid back as his dad, so it no big thing to him.  At least that's what he said up until tonight.  Then, as we were discussing how he was feeling about the "competition," he started saying it made him feel like he had to pee!?   What a goofball!  Thankfully, he hit the restroom before the quiz began, so all was well.  We did get a laugh as we pulled into the parking lot and looked back at Jack to wish him luck one more time and noticed that the lollipop he had just eaten had turned his entire mouth and lips blue!  Ha! 

You can kind of see the remnants of his blue mouth here - he rinsed his mouth while in the restroom to take care of the aforementioned nerves:)
Poor Jeff spent the majority of the time corralling the littles - but it was a fun time and a great experience for Jack.  We're proud of his effort and hope that he'll push himself even harder next time!


Erin said...

Way to go, Jack!!!!! And...your other cat post was cracking me up! You are too funny!

Momma C said...

Congrats Jack!