Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas 2010

Christmas Eve

Ryan found his ball as soon before the other kids came out of their rooms!

Jack's new bike from Poppy!

Will's new bike.

That face!

Ella-Kathryn's very own bible - we had her name embossed on the cover.

Ella-Kathryn's jewelry box - hand-crafted by Poppy.  Upon opening, Jack exclaimed, "Poppy made that?  He should get a job at Lowes!"

Will got his very own army gear and Cars scooter.  We had to remind Will within the first minutes of opening his army stuff that his older brother has shared his for years, so it would only be appropriate to share...

"Emily and I are twins!"  Ella-Kathryn said about her Hello Kitty scooter:)

The boys were up at 5:40!  Jeff corralled them in their room til Ella-Kathryn and got up.  As Jeff just said, "I feel like I could just go into a coma."  Ha!  He had to work the church til after 9, then had to get the bikes (one was stored in our neighbors garage and the other in the attic,) and then we watched Christmas Vacation.  I looked at the clock last night at 10:40 and declared it was time for bed!  Unfortunately, Will got up 2 or 3 times during the night and Ryan got up once.  The grownups in this house are too pooped to party!  Oh well - we'll gut through.  Jeff's making some breakfast and we'll chill here til after lunch when we join the other Simpsons down in Fayetteville. 
When I asked Will whose birthday it is today he replied, "mine!"  I'm sure it feels that way:)  The big kids reminded him that it's Jesus' bday and hopefully we'll have some quiet time later to talk about His gift again.  Merry Christmas!!!!

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Erin said...

Loved seeing yalls Christmas!!! Your kids are adorable...can't wait to see them!! :)