Saturday, December 11, 2010

That Holiday Feeling

We've been keeping it pretty low-key around here this Christmas.  Only one parade, one concert, and so far no actual xmas cookies, just plain ol' yummy chocolate chip:)  Jeff normally rides the Sheriff's dept. motorcyle in several Christmas parades, but this year he opted to just do one, and then found out that they had enough guys for the bikes so he just drove the truck.  Nice for him since it was a balmy 36 degrees that night.  I bundled up the kids and we got there just in time to get a great parking and watching spot - easy in and easy out and right near the beginning of the parade so we could skedaddle asap after seeing the finale.  The kids did great - little complaining and they were so excited about grabbing up as much candy as they could that they barely noticed the cold. 
 Here's our corner spot.  Jack and EK had little camp chairs and a couple of blankets.  The little boys shared the jog stroller til Will decided he wanted to hang out with the bigs. 

After the first couple of floats passed, I felt bad because Ryan couldn't see a thing from his seat in the stroller.  This kid weighs a ton!  But, he seemed to enjoy the lights and music.  At least he never cried:)  I do know now though that Will does not care for the loudness of the high school marching bands, the sirens from the fire trucks, nor the scary man dressed up as the Grinch who pointed right at Will shook his head.  During each of these floats he slowly took one step after another backwards away from the curb!  Never took his eyes off the float/band, but kept moving back.  When the fire truck went by, I turned my head for one second, looked back to the place where he had been standing, and he was gone!  He had gone completely behind the stroller!  Poor kid.

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